Hefter: I do not know reason to make a list of Yuryevo persona non grata

At the meeting of the Council under the President of Russia on civil society and human rights will be proposed regarding the detention of Russian human rights activist Andrei Yuryevo in Minsk.

"We will ask President Dmitry Medvedev, his administration and the Russian Foreign Ministry somehow respond to such events unfriendly" — said a member of the Board, Director of the Institute for Human Rights Valentin Gefter, who came together to Yuryevo Minsk in January this year.

"I do not know the reason for making the list Yuryevo persona non grata for Belarus. I think that the experience of how it was once a Suzdaltseva, as it happens quite regularly in Russia, these reasons will never be made public. In fact, this discrimination and the inability to work in a friendly country of human rights defenders in Belarus. The mission was effective and quite correctly, did not violate any rules of the Belarusian and international laws work objectively. And it will continue to work. Thus can not stop the work of human rights defenders, regardless of where they come to Belarus. It's not a friendly and relatively Russia, with which Belarus alleged special relationship and respect the human rights community, and on a specific person, which is a three month from the end of December, he put into the organization of this work, wanting only the best for Belarus. No sur 'and no serious legal grounds for termination of the mission of St. George's Committee on International Control over the observance of human rights in Belarus following the December events, I do not see. "

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