High-tech artifact of Aswan. Basalt vase

Interesting artifact is on display Nubian Museum passed by many simply do not pay attention to him. More specifically take this exhibit: Basalt vase as a normal cup or bowl, and in the meantime it's not so easy here.

The museum is located in the city of Aswan, known also for its huge dam, the largest in Egypt. On the territory of  Nubian Museum is a park, exhibition areas, educational institutions and many more. Here are exhibited artifacts from the Cairo museum, the art of creating that perfectly match dating back to periods. But one exhibit deserves special attention. This is — a basalt vase, created more than 2,000 years ago.

The fact that it is provided with a great precision, which repeat nowadays can for example only by means of high-speed lathe. Where in ancient Rome such technology? And the problem is that the circles that were left on a basalt from these treatments are simply not available with both the inside and the outside. So, was created with the aid of other, possibly better equipment, or after the establishment of carefully polished.

Thickness of the product is sustained just perfect: 6 cm, and the inside of the perfectly smooth. Article diameter 130 cm.

The museum has a similar vase, but the quality of performance is very far from the first artifacts. It seems that the master would like to repeat what has created them to someone else.

The purpose of this vase also generates a lot of speculation. Whether to use this product as a backdrop, to create beauty, or it had a technical function.
Put forward the view that it is a kind of analogue of the now familiar dish.

Under the bowl there is another mysterious element that resembles a modern nut. Does it serve to be able to turn the bowl — is not known.

In general, as always some questions and no answers.

Below is a video of a basalt bowl can be viewed from all sides.


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