Holding on to the Faith (fingertips)

When a woman finds out she is pregnant, she gets the due date, even though the pregnancy, and ranges from 38 to 42 weeks, and only 5% of women deliver in time. Nearer to this date, the woman begins to feel excited anticipation mixed with anxiety about childbirth. If she misses that date, it begins to climb a storm the other senses. Could she go all the natural process?

Everything was all right with the baby? It usually starts to feel the pressure from other people, in order to speed up the process, though, in fact, it has not yet reached the desired her term. In the most extreme cases, some women have even come to the conclusion that their body can not have a baby naturally, but this is only true for a very small percentage of women. This pressure does not help anything and only creates unnecessary stress to what is and so is a very emotional and challenging time, although it should be sacred and very joyful. For this reason, it would be nice to give a woman in a certain "window" in which she was able to relax instead of worrying their own and others expectations around a certain date.

This is exactly what was in 2012. And in particular, the date of December 21, 2012. One huge, fat date looming over all with crazy pressure. What will happen to the Earth if we wake up on December 22, and "nothing" is not going to happen? What if we wake up and find that humanity is still pregnant, with no sign of the new birth of the world? Of course, it is not true that we do not see any signs. Just as a woman approaching the final days of pregnancy, see the most certain signs that labor is inevitable, one way or another we are also experiencing signs that are on the verge of a massive quantum leap in human history. However, as well as for women, we are the natural feeling that we will be "pregnant" forever, and these "kinds" never happen. And we are required all our strength to believe that everything is unfolding exactly as it should, and at the appropriate time.

Perhaps it would be best to give yourself some "window, foreshadowed this shift than enough to focus on one date. This is not an attempt to say that the shift will not happen, as well, and not to support those programs, they say that the shift will happen, but, in fact, in 2014, 2020, 2356 … Humanity is already experiencing a shift, and given the number of people collectively who feel the same thing, getting the same message and the same inspiration, I think we can all agree that, yes, we most definitely "pregnant" and that the birth of our new chapter is already happening. At this stage the details are unknown, ie how, where, when. We can "experience the birth pains" (our emotional ups and downs), and can consider the ultrasound images (our "vision"), which we love. But I think that as long as we do not see something incredibly outstanding, we are like a pregnant woman who is at a certain level does not believe that we will have a real, live baby until it is born. And then it repeats again and again, "Oh, God. This is a real baby! ".

From the perspective of a much larger perspective, we are now living the last days of 26000 — year cycle. In terms of pregnancy, we are now in the final minutes before midnight we appointed date. Of course, all our fears are now raising their heads. Of course, we start to worry and doubt that it will all happen in time, if ever, happens. Of course, we are very intensive, this date, which is to bring us such a big change.

This period, more than ever, as tested our inner faith. No faith in religion, or in something that we have read or heard. Or even in the calendar. To most of us insights, feelings and knowledge about that time come from within, confirmed by external sources, relevant to what we feel inside. But, in the end, these external sources only confirm and awaken what has always been within us. Thus, the fact that many of us feel is between birth pangs and between moments of faith, clarity and joy — this is a moment of crisis of faith. What if everything we believed, all of which believe that it is here, is not true? What if we are not going to suffer in this life, a quantum leap? What if mankind continues to hobble forward awkwardly, doing here, there are small steps in the direction of progress, but will not be anything like the massive shift that has always seen us? What does this mean for us? We ask ourselves: "What then does this mean for me personally? Who the hell, then I am, and what the hell was I doing here? '. That is what a lot of people feel now and think about it.

All right. Let's look at it for a second. If at some point in this theory? Does it make sense that a coincidence that you always intuitively felt and of what then, after years of reading, the knowledge of other people, the elders of the indigenous peoples of the ancient prophets, was just an unrelated coincidence? Does it make sense that every bone of your body is telling you that we can no longer go on as it did before?

Many people would say that to change the order of things on this planet is going to happen a miracle. But, in reality, it is not. The miracle is not necessary. What we really need — is that truth was revealed. New ways of our vision — it's not science fiction discovery of future generations. They are real and already exist. Only a very long time have been hidden from us. All the problems that we face as humanity, are solvable. Once these solutions were not possible until we were told: "We do not have the drugs," or "we have no money to help it," even though in reality, there are many medications and enough money, but not in those hands. The interesting fact, which I have already said before. The word "Apocalypse", which is associated with the current time as the gloom and doom, in fact, means "revelation", "disclosure of the hidden." Now it sounds liberating and inspiring, and this value is far from the doom and gloom.

Imagine a huge bubble. Now imagine a much smaller bubble, flying or floating inside a large. Giant bubble represents our greater reality, full of all the features. And all that exists right now. Not as energy potential, but physically, literally. Drugs for various diseases and clarity on various issues, the free energy technologies and portals teleport access to other dimensions, stable housing and access to clean water, and much, much more. Small bubble contains humanity, of how he "has" us!

There was once a small group of people of all humanity, the ability to see the big bubble through small. Then they were joined by others who tried to shout and share their knowledge, but they were considered insane and imprisoned or burned at the stake. Now millions of rocking the bubble with full force, waving randomly in all directions with his hands and feet. People feel that they have enough restrictions and prohibitions enough deception and lies of those who know of the existence of a large bubble, and who believe that humanity "not ready" to learn the truth.

Anger, passion, despair and frustration that you feel now, come from fatigue to the fact that mankind is still in this little bubble, and on your knowledge of what is available and what lies beyond. This bubble is ready to burst, so keep rocking it. Now is not the time to cry. It was enough. Everyone has a job. So if you focus on the vision of a better world, or go outside to do something positive, it's all good. It's time for all the rebels, soldiers, mothers, fathers, children, awakening, lightworker seekers to express our collective right to a greater reality. This is our world.

As we approach the date of this approaching, many a feeling of disillusionment. Many people have always known that life is not what it should be. The other is the knowledge is gradually waking up. We saw people doing a job they hate, financial difficulties, suffering from various diseases and accidents emotionally, and we see a very different possibilities, which, as we know, we have to create here in this lifetime. We see that the system that exists here: politics, media, education, health, housing, social assistance — all turned upside down and backwards. Nothing makes sense. It makes no sense that we find money for wars, but always cut the budget for health and education. It makes no sense that the information about the government, banks, corporations, the military suppressed or ignored, while the media ranks last in divorce in Hollywood. Yes, it makes sense if you know that everything is predicated on the few at the expense of many. But many of these are awakening now, and we had been affecting the bubble!

Yes, there were changes. Yes, there was some progress. Yes, there are millions of people wake up. More than a dozen or even two years ago. Yes, there is much more awareness around certain issues. I think that's what kept us here knows that a great shift will occur in our lifetime, and in recent years, in fact, is beginning to see signs that this is, in fact, happening. But, at the same time, our deepest headache raises the question: "What if it will not be such a large scale, as we have seen?". This is what we are most afraid of. Yes, we all know that at this time all of our fears will rise in order that we can clean up so many of them as we can! Lack of fear — cleaned! Fear of commitment — cleaned! Fear associated with a shift and all that it can bring — cleaned up and we are ready and willing to do all that have to do! But what we may not be ready — is the fact that three months before the "appointed date" we wake up to what we see on the major TV networks. Really "cheap" reality shows and news channels, chews the same scenario. More and more people are moving away from this, and, thank God, we have enough alternative sources of conscious wonderful news, of which we can now choose, but I'm not afraid to say that now is the time for more!

We do not pay attention to the gradual disappearance of these things. Working on their inner growth, we have been serving that to which felt a calling. We did not pay attention when others do not understand or ignore us or laughed at us. It was a light at the end of the tunnel, right? Is not it?

Yes — life is constantly developing. Yes, change takes time. But why so many of us, millions, in fact, all this burning feeling inside knowing that we are here to see and be a part of a big change? Not just the normal course of changes in decades, but the quantum leap of total change and social reforms on the planet and humanity. Change for the better.

I think most people are very enlightening philosophical look at life. "It will be something that will." This is a good attitude, but we must remember that we are a powerful co-creators and will be what we want it to be. So, what do we want to be? The implementation of our vision, is not it? You can bet that the old, let's call them the "forces" are not sitting quietly with the attitude of "come what may". They know the potential power of this time. They know the significance of the "appointed date". They know that we are at a turning point, the fork. And you can be sure that their policies are not based on respect, "come what may". You can be sure that they now seek out in his books every trick and ritual in order to ensure the future that they want. Even in spite of the fact that what they want will not bring good land, or 99% of the people living here. Even though that is what they want, can not be sustained, either physically or energetically, as we move into the higher frequencies.

Everyone is on our side. The whole universe is supporting us. Sun supports us. Despite the difficulty of solar flares for our emotional and physical state and our power grid, it helps us to shift at all levels from the artificial to the true source of power. Galactic alignment support us. High energy, in which we move, support us. We did not lose now, if we try.

I see a vision of millions trying to roll this gigantic barrel over the obstacle. We rhythmically pushing it forward, and then she gently rolled back. We came to a point when we want to give up and admit defeat. Imagine yourself in it. You know what you have to do is not it? Momentum. Push, roll back, push, roll back, push, roll back, push, push, push, roll back, and then the big push, and the barrel passes to the other side. Even despite the fact that we were covered with sweat, trying for a few hours (lives) this barrel cross to the other side, we are a little shocked when it finally happens! The next thing you know — this is what a barrel starts to roll down the hill with the ever-increasing rate, and all who are running after it, start yelling, "Oh, not so fast!" Ha, is not that fun. Changes finally come. And it will be so massive and so quickly that we all say, "Gosh, how quickly it all happened, is not it?" And something tells me that we will not be disappointed.

Recently, there is a feeling in the air, a great sorrow and grief. It is felt by some as the energy of a "lack of meaning", boredom is that you do, and a sense of frustration. We live in the end of 26,000-year cycle, and at the dawn of the new. In school we are not taught this. And our media does not teach us what we can expect. Our family and society (for the most part) are not prepared us for the emotional impact of this.

We all collectively feel a myriad of emotions generated by the completion of what was coming into the unknown. It may feel overwhelming, confusing, complicated and frustrating. We have never experienced anything like this before, in the same way, with so many people on the planet. No one knows for sure how this will play out, but we all know that we feel every day, and that by sharing your thoughts and feelings, we can help each other and support each other during this time.

Memories of the last period of the "end of cycle" is also now come up to the surface. In Atlantis (though it was the end of 5125 — the summer, not 26,000 — year cycle), things did not go as we had hoped. Therefore, in our memory end of the cycle is associated with failure, disappointment, grief and destruction. This time, it should not be, and I believe that will not happen. I feel that this time we have collectively chosen unity, peace and harmony on the planet. Most want to do just that. But in order to remove these old memories of the way, takes a lot of work! They can feel suffocating! Ask the old Atlantic memories that no longer serve you, were released today. Let us, finally, I will make heaven on earth!

It is time to remember that you are a powerful creator. It is time to remember our laws of attraction and manifestation. It is time to remember what you've always known deep inside. Know who you are and what you came here to help create. Free your mind from all the contradictory messages that you have received about these times, and fill their hearts that feel true. How do you see our Earth? Fill your hearts with this vision, and stick to it. That's it.

Dana Mrkich

Translation: Ian Lysakov
editing: Valeria Lysakova

Category: The prophecies and predictions, visions and hypotheses

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