How is the morale of NATO fighter?

How much morale NATO soldiers?We all remember how a few days back in France appeared so called Toulouse shooter … It is now clear that the terrorist was the 24-year-old French citizen of Algerian descent Mohammed Mera. The motives of his actions can be read as much, you can not blame them or welcome — this is a private matter. But I was intrigued more … Let's remember how it started, how it developed and how it ended. So:

The first incident occurred on Sunday, March 11, at Toulouse. Unbeknownst shot Sergeant First Parachute Regiment. The body of the military were found next to his bike. The victim had no criminal record and was highly regarded authorities. At the time of death he was not in the performance of official obligations.

A few days later, on March 15 in Montauban (50 kilometers north of Toulouse) were shot and killed two soldiers from the 17th Parachute Regiment, and another was wounded languishing. The offender killed them at the ATM, located near the military unit. At the scene of the crime was found 17 shell casings of the same caliber which was used in Toulouse.
In both cases, the gunman, who managed to escape, was on a scooter.

Then followed the reaction of the military leadership. French military was forbidden … appear on the street in uniform! That's it, no more, no less. I have a question arises, what it did for desantura one that allows you to destroy itself in broad day or a cheerleader, a motor scooter? And most importantly, it became easier to take shape, than to try to resist the killer alone.

Then came what happened … If the special forces can not stand up for himself and prefers to hide putting the citizen, what could we talk about children and rabbis? The same young man, white-afternoon killed a kids at the bus stop and inside the Jewish school. I can not judge the motives … It's not my business. Same day Sarkozy announced the country's highest (red), the level of terrorist threat. You can open a discussion for a long time yet another bulge of Jewish exceptionalism, but the article is not about that. The exciting thing happened later and triggered my curiosity alive.

"According to authorities, the suspect, 24-year-old French citizen of North African origin, was previously seen in visiting the area on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan, which is under the control of the Islamists. Since then, the man was in the field of the French secret services. "

But let me! If intelligence was being watched, how could this general occur? Yes, not once, but three times in a row! Not bad intelligence …

It seems however, the operation to "capture" began in the morning on March 21. It began with the shooting, during which Muhammad had shot three police officers. After that law and order have decided not to risk it and began the long talks. The offender had promised to surrender at noon. But it did not work out. Later in the evening, he promised to give up … But this also did not work … 22 th, there was information in the news:

"Perhaps the offender has committed suicide, as more than 10 hours, he does not respond to appeals officers and no signs of life"

In other words, the night came, Muhammad went to bed. The police did not interfere with him … But then, "warriors" from the police, special forces and counter-terrorist units were hesitant to go "check" live or dead terrorist? That, of course, raises many questions and frank sarcasm. Only by the end of March 22, we eventually learned that:

"The terrorist who killed kids in Toulouse, was allegedly shot dead by police during a special operation"

Only snag is that there was no assault. And how he died, is unclear. Maybe from hunger? While the French warriors were sitting in the siege.
Where does all this? Raises many questions Professor of French training of law enforcement agencies. Of course, if the enemy was hiding on the ground of sovereign countries, such as Libya, all dared to be just … Plaque "Mirage", rockets, bombs, and not a "terrorist." And when you have to go without air, there is no French fighters at the height of … Or maybe they do not pay much? So how much fighting spirit NATO security forces? In fact, here's an article about it.

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