How many colonies in the United States?

How many colonies in the United States?Planetka stuck in anxious waiting. Everything looks to the side of the United States of America, waiting, who will take a chair in the House of Snow White. Although it is not even quite so … In fact, the planet is completely not care who becomes the new president of the South American, but do not spit out what this person will promote foreign policy. Still there is in this world trusting people who believe that the change of presidents of the United States foreign policy of this country is somehow changed … But all the actions that have taken place since the end of the second world war, they say that the rate of the United States, like any state, associating himself with the Empire, one — to achieve total world domination, using all available resources. Although some people may put those words criticized and compared with delusions inveterate amerikanofoba, but the words have no bias, to understand quite what to look at the world map. Are there areas in it, in which are not inherited or tried footprints our "partners"? You can look for a long time …

At present, must admit to ourselves that political map of the world does not correspond to reality. Under the political map of the world refers to a document that specifies the boundaries of independent states. According to the encyclopedic data in the world today has 194 independent states and nearly 20 territorial units with unsettled political status. But this — the data speak out so that the discharge of de jure. De facto, after the end of the second world peace acquired newest form of the colonial world order, in which the real independent states on the plan remains so much that they can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

That which was called bipolar world, in fact constituted a world, practically divided between the two metropolises-name — the U.S. and the USSR. Political poles clashed together, but the stability of the world for all that remained unshakeable. The presence of nuclear weapons and common sense do not give the ability to one of the poles to resolve the issue with the public military strike at its opponent. On this basis, the confrontation was undercover, and from time to time manifested by "third" territories which by coincidence events too is an act of force or poles (Afghanistan), or have been broken between these two poles (Vietnam, Korea).

But time passed. The picture changed. The confrontation changed into new phases, and the year 1991, the world first signaled that the bipolar world gave the order to live a long time. Pole was the only one that almost contradict the laws of Mother Nature. Still at school we know that in nature there are no magnets with only one pole. But if in physics are weird exceptions to the law, the political world of the laws generally do not have to read: everyone is trying to get out to the surface, pushing his elbows own nearest rivals.

So it was that the colonial stage of the post-war world, starting in 1991, began to show all basically. Countries that have warmed themselves by the idea that you were excessively are independent, began to swear allegiance to Washington, saying about how close the democratic standards of the people and their rulers. As during the Mongol-Tatar yoke in Russia princes were required to obtain from the Horde khans yarlychek, which was a typical resolution to reign, and favorites newly minted "independent" countries had to move off to Washington where they were patted on the shoulder and gave their "odobryams" modern politics. With all of this more than the presidents, prime ministers and other psevdolidery expressed words of what they do and finally broke with the communist past, the more verbose in their praise was the address, and the greater the promise of friendship and care they received from the mother country.

According to this principle, "to rule" ascended favorites all the former Soviet bloc countries, the volume of the illusion that freedom and sovereignty was not the limit. In the United States, of course, reveled in its own victory, just managing to arrange a check in the list of new colonies, which now can be controlled through its own henchmen and take advantage of new and new resources.

But, as is the case with at least some empire, which has no equal in strength of opponents, with the United States occurred subsequent history. In this country began to play too long in total control of the world. This is similar to how a child which very long time playing with toy soldiers, suddenly decided to move himself and his exploits in the real world.

The thirst for possession of more and more new colonies absorbed the minds of American managers and the forces that stand behind them. The game went on that way when these people themselves themselves began to argue that specifically and it was necessary to do that. South American favorites are 100% convinced that if they bring in troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and beyond — everywhere, then this they help the people of these countries. They are quite forgets that this is just another manifestation of colonial activity, which, apparently, is transformed into illness.

This situation can be called an acquired syndrome of American political elites. The syndrome is diagnosed simply, but to cure it, to the chagrin of bolshennomu, the world is not able to no political power. This eccentric syndrome, as well as at least some chronic disease manifests itself in the well-defined periods of time: in the intervals between the presidential elections, which are the title of 4-year presidential terms. Symptoms appear during these years, but then fade in the race of candidates. Candidates may present even those pacifists who are willing to offer the world the self-development, but later the illness takes its toll and made the words dissolve into the air, and the new South American base grow like mushrooms after rain.

If we talk frankly, the current world — This is a great political and financial South American colony, parts of which are in varying degrees dependent on the metropolis. And if the bitter truth is better than sweet heresy, you have to be completely honest with ourselves: to the chagrin of the majestic and we still go to the Status of large colony. No — of course, our leaders have long not solicit labels, but at the same time we have to be completely financially dependent. With all due respect to the development of our monetary system until all looks something like this: New York banker sneezed loudly — the bankers of our "ambassador" urgent need to say "Cheers!", On the other, God forbid, Big Brother will be offended, and the court failed to Russian ruble …

Are we willing to continue to walk under the tutelage of a dense "from above"? If so, then the outside will look all very well — kind of like a huge democratic fraternity with a truly democratic values. Us flag and coat of arms, and anthem leave — use, but only in the background of the star striping do not forget … And allow at least some step beyond the boundaries of this brotherhood we will always give the head. Opposed impulses guidance "constitutional order" in Georgia in 2008 — to get the information war and a huge planetary "f-f-f-oo!" They wanted to prevent the invasion of Syria — catch new information blow with a focus on what is "dirty antidemocratic "pretensions of" not far "of. We decided to talk about the Eurasian Union — stop-stop-stop! What other alliance Large Brother against our alliances with anyone else, apart from
the colonial union with himself.

In general, we have had have somehow yoke — zahazhivali "gentlemen" at a certain time. Yes on the Ugra river, as you know, it was over … So, maybe it is worth recalling the newest and the only metropolis of the history of empires, and even in those books it obviously incomplete cover …

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