How many security forces in Russia

How many Russian security forcesIn Russia, there are up to 5 million people in the security services. In fact, every eighth man in the country — the strongman. Spending on the army, the police, the secret police are more than 30% of the federal budget, and a plausible part of the budgets of regions. Our system continues to be the birthplace of the Prussian standard laid down under Peter I.

Our home was listed militocracy always — the state where the main enthusiasm was everything related to the war.

The founder of the Russian Federation "new model" Peter and I just took a stupid copied from the Prussian state system standard. Choosing the Prussian way then, first the 1700s was not a coincidence — it was listed as a successful mobilization option, allowing you to quickly make the army, the defense industry and the rear enterprises serving them. The Government to "sharpen" the war — and this "sharpening" and remained there the next 300 years. All other sectors of the economy were seen as an auxiliary function of the war. The school needs the fighter was literate, medicine — that soldier after being wounded quickly put into operation, statistics and accounting — that recruits better taken into account. A trade needs — so that the proceeds to build the ships and guns. The war for the sake of war.

It would seem that the "democratic Russia" standard Yeltsin and Putin country would have to get rid of the birth trauma. But no, the country's main value is the same model as laid by Peter I — the army and control of the export of raw materials Fri. Only now, instead of the port where it is loaded grain, became Her Majesty Pipe. All of these sticks, workdays, shagistika, man as a cog in the machine — all that was valuable in Frederick and Catherine majesty lives on in our system. With a small difference — the army also added the host of various policemen, secret police officers and prison guards.

Let's try to calculate what is the strength of the military-police car of.

Thus, the full-time staff MIS (jailers) is 347.5 thousand people. The total number of employees in the Ministry of Internal Affairs last year amounted to 1,325 million man, of their "nefederaly" — 39% of the personnel. At the same structure with 200 thousand employees in the Interior Troops.

It is unrealistic to know the number of the FSB — information on secret service. According to scattered data, it ranges from 80 to 120 thousand people, not counting the employees Frontier. Together with them, it surpasses 200 thousand people. Is hidden and strength CBP officers — according to various estimates, combined agents is up to 20 thousand people. The number of FSO also classified, although the media refer to the number of 10 thousand to 25 thousand people.

Interpreter blog wrote that the modern Our homeland in comparison with Stalin's Soviet Union reference 1953 — superpolitseyskoe government. Given the differences in population, the FSB is now almost 2 times more employees in the Ministry of Internal Affairs — 60%.

Russian customs service employs 68 thousand people.

The number of staff of prosecutors is 63 thousand people (of which about 20 thousand working in the Investigation Committee).

In the MOE is working 371 tyscha people (including 19.5 thousand plainclothes defense fighter) in fire protection — another 280 thousand.

Established strength judiciary consists of 23172 federal courts of general jurisdiction of the arbitrators and the 6779 global arbitrators. Overall almost 30 thousand people.

In the Federal Drug Control Service (narcotics police) employed 40 thousand Russians.

The Federal Bailiff is 23 thousand people, however, the deputy head of Russia bailiff Voronin admitted that the service is allowed to have 60 thousand employees (meaning a year or two staff doukomplektuyut can not fluctuate).

Quite small in size is considered Courier Service — only 4475 people.

At the IRS (although this is not quite the siloviki) employs 166 thousand people.

Itself is part of countless Defense — 1.16 million soldiers plus 860 thousand civilian employees. But the number of troops under the contract is a little more than 55% (of which 12% — the soldiers and non-commissioned officers). So Makar, the number of military prof — 638 thousand people. With the "war without uniform" (the same DoD civilian employees) — 1.5 million people.

In the federal migration service works 34.3 thousand man.

In addition to law enforcement officers can be attributed, and "civil army" of state-owned corporations. Thus, the militarized security Railways is only 80 thousand man. And in conjunction with the "armies" of "Gazprom", "Transneft", "Rosatom", etc. their total number may exceed 150 thousand people.

So Makar, the total number of security forces in Russia is 4,6-4,65 million.

Is it much or not enough? The total working population of the Russian Federation of 87 million people, there are about 42 million — male. Less people with disabilities, persons who are in detention — about 38 million this Makar, security forces in the country — about 12%, or one in eight man.

Now let's see how much is costing the content of such Army militia.

Expenditures in the Department of the Ministry of Defence for the year 2011 — $ 1 trillion. 517000000000. rubles.

For law enforcement — 1000000000000. 56000000000. rubles.

There is also the so-called "The secret part of the federal budget." It integrates the content of the FSB, the SVR, and other special services. In 2010, these costs amounted to $ 1 trillion. 40000000000. rubles.

So Makar, the total expenditure on these three items totaled 3 trillion. 613000000000. rubles. Of the total federal budget to 9.9 trillion. rubles that's about 36% of all expenditures.

But we should not delude ourselves finality of this number — the cost of security services are included in the "peaceful" items of the federal budget. Thus, the article is hidden in the "social" sections. They appeared there since 2005 adopted a recommendation of the Global Bank to bring "extra" expenses from "defense": military hospitals — in the "health" of the school in military towns — in the "education", etc. In total, that's 10's billion.

In addition, the cost of the secret police, and police are laid down in the regional budgets. That's just one example. In Magadan regional budget expenditures for 2010 on national security and law enforcement were 630.5 million, including the bodies of internal affairs — 207.5 million rubles (of the same budget the region is 15.3 billion. rubles).

As a result, under the "content security officials" in the whole country has run over 10's, and even more hundreds of billion. In all this there is still a different budget and "public" funds — Ministry of Internal Affairs, FSB, FSO, etc. How much money is accumulated in them — nobody knows. For example, only one state-owned company "Transneft", "gave" only two of these power assets (in the middle of the Fund to promote staff and veterans of the Federal Security Service, "Kremlin-9") 1 billion. rubles.

In principle, these costs are comparable to the budget of the Russian Federation budget expenditure dollars (1.6 trillion. Bucks from 3.83 trillion. Bucks, see the cha
rt below).

How many Russian security forces

But we should not forget that the U.S. is not the first year of full 2 wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and of strength their more Russian army almost 1.5 times (see chart below).

How many Russian security forces

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