How much more will the Chinese dragon sleep?

How much more will the Chinese dragon sleep?2011 can safely be called the year of global change in world politics. If another 5-10 years back the world's population could not provide for themselves as the world's favorite, the real "leader" no other government than the United States, the now rating of the United States inevitably goes down. Some experts tend to think of the beginning of the South American "fall" year of onset of the global financial crisis, while others behold the beginning of this 2001 — the year naikrupneyshey attack on the U.S. global terrorism, while others argue that a systemic crisis in all spheres States began immediately after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Try to understand that when the same mechanism could start the downgrade of the United States and the countries of today who will be able to change the Yankees as the newest superpower.

So, if the U.S. really rushed into the deepest peak not only in the economic, and the political and geo-strategic terms, the only state that can fill a "leadership vacuum" in our time, is China. Could be considered as a candidate European Union, but it was too patchy education. We are now, and passed, by the way, is not so little time after the formation of a united Europe, we have to follow, like Greece, Portugal and Ireland practically recognized ballast, on which the EU would do well to get rid of, and the deletion of the member states. These three countries will soon be joined by other European countries, such as Spain and Italy, where economic performance is also far from flawless. About Eastern European countries like Romania or Latvia and read is not necessary. It turns out that now such a tremendous scale, capital and population education, as the European Union — is in fact the case, Germany and France, who are trying to get by "pulling" of all the other almost the ears of tremendous economic maelstrom.

With such conjuncture of the public gaze again rushing toward China. No one, except perhaps endless skeptic and a hater of all non-US Zbigniew Brzezinski, does not dispute the fact that the China in recent years, gaining tremendous pace. Not so long ago on China seriously in the world did not take one. He was considered the usual appendage of Asia, whose population is so large that the self can not feed itself. Now, such expressions can not allow yourself to even the same Brzezinski with his Communist phobias. Many of the old-fashioned try to equate China to countries that are heavily implanted in society socialist ideology, not realizing the new market realities. But China did not have long to be a copy of the Russian Union and Deng Xiaoping's reforms have allowed the Middle Kingdom has taken a worthy place in the world economy.

It should be noted that for all the negative statements of the address in the country of China, in fact, to such expressions are not paying a lot of attention to.

Already now China ranks second in the world in GDP. Many international analysts they say that it will take about 20, maybe even 15 years, the Chinese economy will be released on the first place, leaving behind today's favorite — the South American economy. Without a doubt, such prospects the Yankees did not cheer, and make adequate steps to build their own economic power of the United States can no longer. Not enough, China Now the world is naikrupneyshim holder of U.S. debt. In a monetary system, China has managed to accumulate U.S. debt obligations worth more than a trillion dollars. It is also a factor in the South American deterrence. It turns out that now Many South American nationals living from China. And it is worth something only in China do not like the look, it just gets rid of debt obligations the United States, plunging the U.S. into a new large-scale crisis. In such a situation, the Chinese side to criticize the Yankees would be just stupid, even if they will be submitted to "Stars and Stripes" is not on the other as the devil with horns.

Since then, some of the world are increasingly began to get up the question of why China now do not try to pin down the U.S. "to the wall", because in this he has all the prerequisites. Do not forget that besides the strong China is an economic power to the same power with a significant military capability, plus also a nuclear weapon. Americans would be happy right now in China to do something similar to the "Arab Spring", but it was too high of risk in this case. And China, owning all its enormous resources, while simply does not dare take on the role of favorite in the world. Maybe it has to do with the sacred to many Chinese covenants majestic Mao, in which states that "no need to stick your neck out." And, perhaps, the Chinese just expect the U.S. economy itself will fall to his knees, opening the way to economic and political Olympus.

If we talk about the covenants referred to Mao Zedong, is now China has its critics. Namely, some political forces Celestial argue that, if we follow the logic of Mao, can long remain so clumsy giant of the world, under the feet of which will warp more active countries and the selection of the sweetest pieces. These same people, and they say that now that the European Union is trying to "chop off" tasty morsels of the oil business in the regions where China would like time to make contacts. These statements are not unreasonable, since now Libya's new office in the country's oil and gas agreements signed so far only with those who intensely supported the rebellion, in other words, with France, Italy and the United States.

But peacefully sleeping Chinese dragon can suddenly awaken to all and show the world what he really is capable of. Then the world will have to accept it as a hegemony in the economic and geopolitical dimensions of global relations as a tribute.

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