Hyperrealism — photos, drawn butter.

I decided to add a little art to your site. Or rather amazing creative people who know how to draw well, that is extremely difficult to suspect a trick. What am I saying? It's simple — it artists giperrealisty, that will make you stare intently into his works and endlessly amazed! I can only say that incredibly realistic portraits of these geniuses draw not only a brush, but ballpoint pens! And believe me, to inspire the viewer that it is completely possible to photograph them!

To further enhance the interest will introduce you to the video of painting by Robin Eleem.

Watch How to create their works Robin Eley

So, the first job will be: Red-haired girl from Samuel Silva.

Samuel Silva (Samuel Silva), «a lawyer" from Portugal, and painting — it's a hobby that "takes 5 to 20 hours on a single figure," quote.

It is said Samuel, he uses 8 pens of different colors, but here we have used only 6, And he draws from 2 years and shows some interest in drawing, sculpture and painting.

To create a portrait of red-haired Russian girl Silva needed a picture taken as Russian photographer Christina Tararin, but it served as a basis for drawing, written in 30 hours, using ordinary colored pens.

More works Silva:

Omar Ortiz, Mexican artist who draws the pictures in the genre of hyper-realism. Hyperrealism is based on the aesthetic principles of photorealism, so the pictures are drawn predominantly white, but in contrast to the same photorealism giperrealiz not fully copy the reality. Objects and scenes hyperrealism detailed, and try to create some kind of "illusion" of reality, but it is not surrealism, as all images of the scene could actually happen.

Woman artist Alyssa Monks (Alyssa Monks) does not like her paintings compared with photos, although it is from this comparison, usually begin all the articles about her. It deliberately avoids the ideal forms, assuming that the current reality more beautiful than any of perfection. She likes to experiment and surprise. The results of her experiments — in front of you.
On most of the pictures of Alyssa Monks, where there are women, she also displayed. Thus the artist avoids a number of disadvantages associated with going to the creative process by using models. In cases where without it still can not do, the artist prefers to paint their loved ones and friends — to work with strangers does not like Alyssa.

London-based artist, Australian-born Robin Eley (Robin Eley) creates a realistic large-scale oil paintings. At first glance it is very hard to believe that this is not a photograph processed in photoshop, but looking closer and examine the details begin to believe the author.

Teresa Elliott (Teresa Elliott), an artist from Texas. Because of her childhood took place on the farm, it left a kind of love for animals, as a consequence of this, most of her works — drawings of animals. But attempts to portrait (or may not try at all) is really incredible, it turns a hyperrealism, forcing admire these portraits.



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