Igor Sikorsky. The Knight Sky Watch online

Igor Sikorsky.  The Knight Sky Watch online
September 1959. Thousands Yankees manager greeted with enthusiasm CPSU and Russian countries — Nikita Khrushchev. He became the first Russian winner, visited the bulwark of world capitalism. One day, Eisenhower invited Nikita Sergeyevich ride on his presidential helicopter. Reliability, comfort and the ability of this machine was so struck by the head of the Russian state that he wished to have the same vtochnosti helicopter. In March 1961, two presidential helicopters arrived in Moscow. But the fly in their Khrushchev did not succeed. Both cars were handed over to the appropriate universities, where they dismantled piece by piece to study overseas technical secrets. For political judgments, it was decided that the general secretary of the Central Committee CPSU can fly only Russian helicopters. Russian people have not learned that helicopter South American president, who has the hots Khrushchev was created by our compatriot — excellent Russian designer Igor Ivanovich Sikorsky …


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