IMF — Russia: first — the reform, then — the money

The Company said in a statement issued on the IMF, following the visit of the research mission of the fund, which has worked in Belarus, 1-13 June.

In outstanding mission noted that the discussion of a possible IMF program began, "but that was only the beginning of the debate, and in front — still a long way."

In particular, the IMF stresses that the Belarusian authorities must be to make a "strong stabilization and structural measures prior to the program."

As part of the stabilization measures Fund recommends Minsk to freeze salaries, stop printing money and release rate Belarusian ruble.

The structural reforms of the economy provide primarily, privatization and the creation of appropriate conditions for it.

"Fee (for reforms) will be such that real wages will be lower than in Last year,, is uncertainty about the exchange rate in the future. But people are already suffering from reduced wages and insecurity, not getting, thus, no amenities that come with stability, "- the statement says.

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