In Bashkiria lived aliens

In Bashkiria lived strange aliens

Scientists of Bashkir State University came to the conclusion that the area now occupied by the Republic, 50 million years ago, visited by aliens. This conclusion was made after the Russian-Chinese expedition that conducted excavations near the village of Chandar, discovered a mysterious board, said "IMA-press."

Plate made of a material resembling a cement. Its dimensions are 1.5 m by 1 m and thickness — 16 centimeters.

On a plate coated with a three-dimensional image of the terrain and hydraulic structures of unknown ancient civilization. The top is covered with a layer of micro-relief of white porcelain. According to scientists, the finding is not nothing but a volume map of the territory of modern Bashkortostan.

According to experts, this image could be obtained only with the use of Survey. For symbols of some objects unknown creators cards used clamshell extinct about 50 million years ago, which supposedly allows you to determine the age of discovery.

Representatives of the Belarusian State University tend to consider it proof of the existence of a highly advanced extraterrestrial civilization.

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