In Belarus, hamsters are not found, but there is a hand-held businesses

The Company The article under this title by the Russian "Novaya Gazeta" tells the manners and life of the modern Belarusian middle class, its views on business and life.

We offer you a translation of a fragment of publication.

I called the club of his new friends — students expelled for taking part in a demonstration on December 19. All promised to come, but for an hour or two before the meeting, each suddenly discovered urgent business, ill mother / grandmother / head. And like informal communication and disconnect Finally, on the political stories. But they seem to cut through all the in Belarus and even elevation.

— Yes it is a dynamo, relax. These are your guys never would have come here not — as of the world calms Misha. — Opposition zapadlo communicate with the alternative side … They hang out at kvartirnik, drinking vodka and listening to their national patriotic rock band.

— Wait — I was surprised. — What other "alternative party"? You what now, for Lukashenko?

— You're f … camping, — Misha offended. — I'm all for anyone. Yes, there is everything for anyone to live quietly, work, climb on the rampage …
Misha lists patrons of the club: major officials, deputy ministers and police cones, head of state-owned enterprises and their relatives, tops MAZ and tractor plant. Their children. "Here they are, all the elite and upper classes, the golden youth. That's it! "- Explained Mishgan.

We were hooked Jora, a guy 25 years old. Listen to what we say. Adhlebvae "Long Island" (or that there it in a glass?). And, sighing, remarks:

— And I do not climb in the political affairs. It is interesting, and our country, as everyone knows, it is useless …

— And — I say. — And you, too, Dad at the tractor factory work?

— Daddy long since retired — frowned Jora. — And I work leading economist at MAZ.

Sat down at our table tanned brunette model looks with a deep neckline. "And this is Veronica — introduces Jora. — Also an employee of our company. " She smiled at her plump lips.

— Which shift work? — Do not resist, for some reason I asked.

— Veronica is my assistant — confusedly intervened Jora.
So, at my desk going all "smyatanka" Republican state sector. Veronica, as it should asystenttsy, mostly silent. Mike said nothing, but rather by agnastychnyh reasons. But Jora got in mind to open the soul.

— You know, — he explained his thoughts — Lukashenko, of course, many are tired, but his case is correct, it is necessary to gradually move the country without rezkastsi teach ignorant people. We squeezed two monsters: here Russia, where the West. It is necessary to skillfully balance, and then devour!

— So, maybe even worthy to devour?

— No, no — cut Jora. — No decent, there are economic interests. What, for example, will be with MAZ under free trade? Plant will be compete, will need strong optimization, thousands will lose their jobs …

— Zhorik — nervously handed Veronica. — So, and you will be fired? And you will not go with me to Prague?

— Dura — angry Jora. — And you're not going ….

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