In China, an entire village falls

Numerous mining coal near the village Muguabin Shanxi led to subsidence of land in the village.

Some families have several times moved from place to place because of the collapses of their homes.

According to the publication, "Beijing Youth", the village Muguabin located in a mountainous area, the people there are living dispersed in ramshackle huts, caves or in the abandoned tunnels.

Problems with subsidence began in 2000, but they were local, so the authorities did not pay attention to them. However, this summer began to sink almost all the surface of the ground, damaged numerous homes of the peasants.

Authorities organized it about 60 small houses on the site of an old mine shaft in abandoned buildings. But there are also farmers do not feel safe.

"We moved to the area, where he dug all this is equivalent to that of a danger zone, we moved to another" — complains a local farmer.

Ilya Ivanov

The Epoch Times

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