In Croatia, in some regions the situation is brought under control by fire

Croatian Fire Service took control of the situation with forest fires in the community Selce, as well as villages and Bribir Crikvenica on the Adriatic Sea, wrote in local newspapers 24sata.

As noted in an interview with Croatian journalists tourism minister of this country Veljko Ostojic in extinguishing the fire were used three seaplane brand Canadair, as well as about 300 firefighters, fueled assist local residents and tourists.

Ostojic said that the fire had been evacuated because of the order of 7% of tourists to the resorts on the Adriatic Sea, but it is expected that they will soon return to the hotel and tourist centers. He added that the fire destroyed about 500 or 600 acres of forest, and the exact damage from the fire element is not established yet. Croatian authorities say that the fires were no fatalities.

The exact cause of the fire has not been determined, however, according to the Croatian newspaper Novi list with reference to unofficial sources in the government, it is the human factor. The publication says that the police are "conducting investigative activities" in one of the houses in the village Yargovo not far from Bribira Sibenik-Knin County (District).

On the eve of the fight against forest fires on the Adriatic coast were thrown a considerable force of Croatian firefighters reported that the authorities in a number of regions of the country prepared for the evacuation of tourists.

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