In Haiti, the cholera epidemic continues to rage: 3333 persons died already

In Haiti, the cholera epidemic continues to rageThe number of victims of the cholera epidemic raging in Haiti since October, was 3333 persons, RIA "Novosti" on Friday. These data led the Ministry of Health of Haiti. In the previous report of the local Health Ministry said about 2,707 dead.

According to authorities, in Haiti on December 31, more than 150 thousand cases of cholera. Experts of the World Health Organization to the United Nations predicts that in the next year the number of cases of cholera in Haiti may reach 400 thousand.

The report of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, watching the situation in Haiti, said that, in some cases, the first symptoms to death is just a few hours.

Chief sanitary doctor Gennady Onishchenko said last week that the situation with the spread of cholera in Haiti could lead to global pandemic.

The epidemic started in the north-east of Haiti in mid-October. French epidemiologist Renaud Pyaru, arrived in Haiti at the request of the local Ministry of Health, said that the epicenter of the epidemic was in the camp of UN peacekeepers from Nepal, who have established their toilets on the river Artibonite, and impurity, presumably infected with cholera, were dumped into the water of the river.

The results of the report coincided with the scientific predictions of the Haitian people, who consider Nepalese UN peacekeepers guilty of an outbreak of cholera. A team of U.S. and Haitian researchers confirmed that the epidemic came to the island nation from other regions.

The Army of Nepal issued a strong condemnation Pyaru report, claiming that it is based solely on speculation. UN last week said it will set up an international commission to determine the source of the disease.

Complicate the situation in the country large-scale riots that took place in early December in the big cities. The protesters accused the government of rigging the election on November 28 and demanded to recognize them as invalid. During the demonstrations killed at least four people.

In addition, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere has not yet recovered from the effects of one of the most destructive earthquakes, which killed about 230,000 people, about 3 million affected, more than 1 million homeless or displaced. Haiti's economy suffered a huge loss — according to preliminary estimates, it was about $ 9 billion.

Cholera — an acute intestinal infection caused by the bacterium Vibrio cholerae. Vibrio cholerae lives in muddy water and food. The disease is spreading, usually in the form of epidemics, causing a rapid loss of body fluids and dehydration varying degrees, including death.

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