In Kamchatka bear attacked a soldier

To the territory of the military unit near the village of Southern Koryak (Kamchatka) and snuck bear attacked a soldier. ITAR-TASS referring to acting the agency head of forestry and wildlife protection edge Natalia Ermolenko.

According to her, October 1 predator came to the territory of the military unit that has no fences, and made his way to the dining room. There, he met with a man-toed attacked him and bit. Fortunately, the military has not received mortal wounds. Arrived on the game wardens tracked down and killed the beast.

The week before — September 23 — near the village Sobolevo meeting of people with a predator resulted in a tragedy. In paws bear killed a fisherman. Two more people died in the middle of August, in the attack bears near the river in Paratunka Elizovsky district of the region.

Brown bear, living on the Kamchatka Peninsula, not only the largest predator on the peninsula, but also one of the largest members of the species in the world. Weight of an adult male can reach 700 kg with a body length of 3 meters. The population of brown bears there are about 17.9 thousand individuals. Almost every year on the peninsula recorded cases these predators attack on the person.

Specialists note that often cause people to bear out is human behavior. Landfill food waste, which is freely available, can attract predators like easy prey.

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