In Kazakhstan, destroyed 1700 cattle

In Kazakhstan, destroyed 1700 cattle

KAZINFORM — Urjar district of East Kazakhstan region (ASD) at the outbreak of foot and mouth disease killed more than 1,700 heads of cattle infected with the disease, according to the press service of CSR by EKR.

"In Urjar area as of 28 December in the foci of infection were seized and liquidated 640 head of cattle, 1071 head of small cattle infected herds. Vaccination continues, "- said in the press-service.

As reported in the CSR on EKR in quarantine, anti-epizootic measures involving nine vehicles and 65 personnel of the State "areas of anti squad."

As previously reported, on FMD quarantine cattle introduced in the East Kazakhstan region on Friday, December 23. Report signs of infection have been reported in the MES RK, came from Urjar district area (Urdzharsky, Bakhtin and Kokterekskogo rural counties of the region) on December 23 at 10.00 am. The forces of anti district squad in the region began a forced vaccination of farm animals. The place of burial of animals, has continued liquidation of clinical patients and contacts. Selhozskota stopped moving and products of animal origin, prohibited the issuance of veterinary certificates, to equip 12 disinfectant mats.


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