In one of the lakes Kyshtym killed fish and crayfish

In one of the lakes Kyshtym killed fish and crayfish

Kyshtym, Chelyabinsk Region, April 21 (New Region, Alla Alexandrova) — In Kyshtym vacationers have sounded the alarm: in one of the lakes, located next to the garden community, there was a massive fish kills.

As the correspondent of "New Region", gardeners have taken out of the lake The dark water to scald with boiling water currants in order to protect against pests. When the water, put on fire, hot, there was a sickening smell. A lake shore were littered with dead fish — pike with caviar, white bream and rudd. In addition, the dead and the local crayfish — is an indicator of water quality. According to old-timers, a phenomenon they have observed for the first time in 30 years.

As the correspondent of "New Region" in the management of environmental administration Kyshtym, after a severe drought in the lake water has receded from the shore Dark 1.5-2 meters. In addition, growers are actively used the water to irrigate land. And most importantly — the lake overgrown and cleaning is no one does. There is a serious danger that the upcoming summer plague cases of mass fish Kyshtym repeated.

According to officials, is now taking steps to save the fish: gardeners and fishermen asked to go on the ice, drilling wells, Maine. However, experts say: such measures are useless. And wanting to be active a little bit. If these "freaks" and are to act, usually alone. For example, the keeper of a dacha with a hose brought water from private wells in the area in the pond. In another garden for the second year with the compressors from discarded refrigerators drive the oxygen in the water.

The department noted that almost all water bodies in the area are shallow, otherwise they are called "zamornymi." In addition, the role played by the last year's summer drought. Proceeds of new water in the lake does not happen, the oxygen level reached a critical point, in the end the fish died. A similar situation occurred in 2010 Dehanovom pond — pond fish into a cemetery. It is possible that the situation will be repeated this year.

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