In Perm again failed land. Now, in the courtyard of the aviation college

April 7 in front of the Third Corps aviation college failed land is found correspondent of "software", on the site of an old coal pit. Two days dip slightly expanded, but a threat to the building of the former hostel, now housing college, no. Housing has been de-energized immediately after the incident, examined by experts and closed. In college education enough space to accommodate all the students, so the learning process will not affect the incident.
Dicheskul Alexander, director of the SEI "Perm Aviation Engineering College. AD Shvetsov ":" Thank God that the failure occurred at night, so no one was hurt. This building was built in 1936 and had its own boiler and a large coal pit. She did not use a lot of years, but not asleep, though, perhaps it was to do. Now we have found an organization that will conduct additional tests. Since there is no threat to the building, at the end of the survey, these well will be covered, we are looking for a contractor for the works. College — a federal agency, so we will ask for help from the founder. We have almost no funding, and college years just to survive, trying to somehow make money. Very difficult to contain 4 buildings, the oldest of which is 200 years old, with 800 thousand a year. Now all the money he earns college, will go on the elimination of failure. Restaurant, which is located in a different part of the building, could not affect the coal pit. Once we have passed this premise, the tenants put in order all the cellars, and from them there could be flooding. "

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