In Primorye, collapsed road to the campground Baltic Artek

In Primorye collapsed "betonka", leading to the campground "Baltic Artek". To get to the famous golf today only on the planet. The road was washed away during the recent flood. When the region en masse began to melt the snow, it collapsed along with tons of sand. Now, on the site of pit road, which is growing every day.

Extreme "Baltic Artek" begins, not far from the clearing. The mere sight of the collapsed bank impressive. Huge slabs at the bottom of the pit are more like small pebbles in the tank. In the summer it is for these "concrete strip" in the camp came artekovtsy. The incident occurred during snowmelt.

Vasily Bykov, head of the project "Baltic Artek 2011", said: "It is terrible, of course. Maybe now you will go there, and stay there, the failures of this cliff. Pictured it's small, but driving up and realize that there 9-storey house placed all the way! "

In addition to the organizers of the camp, the pit keeps at bay and lovers in Filinskaja bay. Residents of the village Primorye say there just has not failed a few cars. There were no signs warning of the danger here. Yet artekovtsy say sandy failure does not interfere with their grandiose plans. Campground awaits redevelopment. Command post moves, make new roads and even build badminton court.

Igor Semenov, Technical Director of the camp, said: "Brand new — will be hot water, increase athletic field, add one volleyball court, soccer grow, add gym equipment."

Know-how of the project — solar panels that will provide residents and tents hot water. Transducers in the form of vacuum tubes to deliver the Russian-made assembly camps. Accumulate the energy of the sun they will be for ten brand new showers. So a barrel of water will remain in the camp just as an art object.

Artekovtsam promise and decide on the most problematic issue today. Order to make a road already gave Governor Nikolai Tsukanov. The Commission must decide whether to build a bypass road or repair the old one. So contrary to tradition, the first in our "Artek" zaedut builders.

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