In Primorye, the tiger attacked the man

Beijing, December 22 (New Region, Olga Radko) — In the district of Primorye Krasnoarmeysk tiger attacked the man. As reported in the Regional Department of Internal Affairs, the attack happened the day before, when a man went to the forest. The attack man was seriously injured.

According to the victim, he went into the woods with two dogs, seeing footprints in the snow boar. He was on them when the bushes tiger pounced on him. The man was able to fight back from him and ran away. Beast chased him not.

Man managed to reach the house. He was hospitalized with lacerations of the head, arms and thighs.

At the scene left a special commission that will determine how it actually happened.

The Amur tiger is listed in the Red Book, the main habitat of the predator — Primorye and southern Khabarovsk Krai. According to the last census, in these two regions are living 450 — 500 tigers.

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