In the autumn came suddenly Mariupol

In the autumn came suddenly Mariupol

In early August, in Mariupol started this fall. Many streets of the city, including the Promenade, yellowing chestnuts.

As explained by the 0629 Senior Engineer Production Division KP "Zelenstroy" Love Triskiba, although this time of year is not typical behavior of trees, autumn of summer is often in Mariupol.

"Because of the steady heat that prevailed in Mariupol in late July, the trees no longer enough moisture, — she said. — How people during hot weather take off their clothes and chestnuts began dropping leaves. They need to survive. "

It should be noted that the heat hurts big chestnut trees, young trees have enough moisture. Except chestnuts, because of the heat in Mariupol start to turn yellow and lime.

By the way, if the fall in Mariupol is warm, there is a high probability that the chestnuts will bloom again in October. For these trees may come second spring.

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