In the Moscow region for the last 25 years from 17 people have died of rabies

Seventeen people died from rabies in the Moscow region for the last 25 years, the report said Rospotrebnadzor for suburbs.

Rabies — natural focal viral infection of animals and humans, occurring mainly among mammals of the family dog, and transmits them to the people, usually through a bite and less by oslyuneniya. In humans, the disease is characterized by seizures, pharyngeal and respiratory muscles, which are subsequently replaced by paralysis leading to death.

"Only in the region since 1987, rabies killed 17 people, including in 2008 — three, in 2011 — one. In 14 cases the infection occurred in the Moscow region," — said in a statement.

The source of infection in the two cases were the stray dogs (11.8%), seven — foxes (41.2%), four — raccoon dogs (23.5%), two — domestic dogs (11.8%), in one — a stray cat (5.9%) and another one — the domestic cat (5.9%), specified in the material.

In the whole country for 11 months in 2011 in eight regions of the Russian Federation reported 12 deaths from rabies, including the Astrakhan region — three men, Moscow — one neighboring Tver — three, Orenburg — one in Moscow — one, in the Stavropol region — one, one in the Khabarovsk region and one in the Republic of Kalmykia. In 11 cases the infection occurred in the territory of the Russian Federation.

"Characteristically, the source of infection in four cases, including in the Moscow region, were stray dogs and cats. Otherwise — foxes, raccoon dogs, wolves and wild boar," — said in a statement.

RIA Novosti

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