In the Odessa area, parents rooks attack people

In the south-western districts of Odessa region, the cases of bird attacks on humans. Local residents complain about crows in the last days "as the chain broke down." "I was immediately swooped down three, croaked, trying to bite — says a resident Bolgrad Zinaida Stoyanov. — I ran, so they still have 10 meters pursued. "

Zoologists are urged not to panic, "First of all it is not about crows and rooks, they are often confused — told us ornithologist Ivan Rusev. — They live in large colonies, and aggression is associated with the period of hatching, which occurs in May — early June. Birds seen in people risk to their offspring, and that's under attack. After two weeks, it will end. "

Experts recommend to stay away from the nests of rooks, and in case of attack — to slam a few times in your hand or a stick to drive away the birds. Rooks totally harmless in terms of portable infections.

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