In the Russian capital are struggling with snow elements

In the Russian capital are struggling with a snow element. And it seems that Moscow motorists on Tuesday again have easy. Snowfall in the city continues to this day. And, while the Moscow authorities say the thousands of sweepers who work around the clock, many metropolitan highway covered with snow.

The situation is complicated by the strong black ice. Because of it in the city on Monday night took dozens of minor accidents. Despite the snowfall all Moscow airports are operating normally. According to weather forecasts on Wednesday nature will present another surprise — in the capital region is expected cold snap, according to TV "Russia-24".

Blizzard began on Sunday evening, the night snowfall intensified, and the city stood in traffic. Many hours had to spend the morning to get to the capital of the Moscow region. Thousands of cars machinery took to the streets. By noon the main roads and the city center a little cleared of snow. But still strong on the road congestion.

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