In the Sverdlovsk region massive fish kills

In the east of the Sverdlovsk region, even during the day below thirty degrees. This led to an ecological disaster.

For the first time in 30 years peremerzla Irbitka river. Fish do not have enough oxygen, and she dies. Residents of the village of Sosnovy Bor trying to save wildlife.

Did not expect such a catch even experienced fishermen. Several hundred villagers dace just got under the ice. Already dead — fish suffocated. Massive fish kills local fishermen discovered by accident, when it stopped completely catch.

Irbitka on the river, they found a place with thin ice and broke it. Under it discovered a layer — more than five centimeters — is a dead fish.

Vladimir third morning with an ax instead of rods going to the river. First it does not catch fish, and saves her. Experienced fisherman knows exactly where the fish is swimming, if it lacks oxygen. Dozens dace catch air to survive. This massive fish kills, the villagers remember, there was only one time in almost 30 years ago. "Perhaps, then last winter was a snow-free. River caught completely. Here's the result — a fish dies, dies, and then again in the spring will sit without fish ", — complains a resident of the village of Sosnovy Bor Vitaly Dudin.

But now no fish do not sit local cats and dogs. Feed the animals that fish are not afraid of the villagers. They know exactly why she died — peremerzlo shallow water, where the river of incoming fresh water. "There are rapids, is shallow — two feet, probably not. Summer on a wooden boat can not sail. So they peremerzli "- said a resident of the village of Sosnovy Bor Vladimir Naumov. And melt in the spring. Prior to that time, local fishermen are willing to go to the river every day to save the fish.


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