In the U.S. all-time snowfall disrupted the lives of nearly 100 million people

A considerable part of the United States in the grip of a giant cyclone that for its size called a "monster." Due to heavy snowfall over 100,000 homes were left without electricity. Canceled thousands of flights. Difficult to move on the highway. Meanwhile, meteorologists predict a worsening situation.
The worst thing for the weather forecast, still ahead, but it is now clear why the cyclone, cover almost half of the United States, called the monstrous in scope and possible consequences. Cold front stretched on 4000 miles, covered about 20 states — from Vermont to New Mexico with a population of tens of millions. And if the Midwest will suffer from severe frosts and snow storms, the south will fall rains and tornadoes.
The roads in many cities in the central and eastern parts of the country have turned into giant rollers. In some places, ice completely paralyzed public transport. Washington authorities even had to allow state employees not to come to work — still get you wherever you may be almost impossible. Everywhere are on high alert rescue services, and at any moment to help them come to the men of the National Guard.
Governors of Oklahoma, Missouri and Illinois, especially the victims of a heavy snowfall, announced in their territories a state of emergency. Residents encouraged to stock up on food and medicines, and not to go out unless absolutely necessary. With the height in meters of drifts can not handle even a special technique, not to mention the janitor, whose efforts are altogether useless.
Due to bad weather in jeopardy by the work of dozens of airports. Last day the authorities had to cancel more than 4 thousand flights. And, most likely, this number will only grow as the number of passengers who have to change their plans because of the bad weather.
According to forecasters, the cold cyclone, U.S. residents have brought so many troubles and worries, while only warming up. The main blow — somewhere it would be a heavy snowfall, about tornadoes — the element will cause the next day.

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