In Ukraine, discovered cholera

Mariupol, May 29. With suspected cholera in Ukraine 3 people hospitalized. The incident occurred in Mariupol. According to preliminary data, reported Russian news service, ill prepared and ate fish caught in the Sea of Azov. Directly cases are not related, according to the sanitary and epidemiological service of the Donetsk region.

Now the condition of patients is satisfactory. Experts of the local and regional health authorities, and immediately began sanepidsluzhby epidemic control measures, established operational headquarters for localization of the disease, RIA "Novosti".

"To organize the household rounds for active case detection, medical surveillance of persons who are in need, and that selection of material from the study of people and objects from the environment, including drinking water, water from open water and waste water, food, fish ", — stated in the regional sanepidsluzhby.

Also strengthened the state of objects SanEpid high epidemic risk, including beaches, children's gardens, markets. According to an UNIAN correspondent, in the Donetsk region have already left the specialists of the Ministry of Health, in place to deal with the situation and prevent new outbreaks of dangerous diseases.

Cholera — an acute intestinal infection caused by the bacterium Vibrio cholerae. Vibrio fetus lives in dirty water and dirty food. It is distributed, usually in the form of epidemics, causing rapid dehydration of varying degrees up to hypovolemic shock and death.

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