In Yaroslavl, the storm and the wind potential emergencies

Emergencies related to the storm, rain and strong winds with gusts up to 15-18 meters per second are expected in the Yaroslavl and in the region on Tuesday, according to the emergency prevention department.

Due to bad weather, according to the report, there may be breaks (too much, damage) of power lines, communication lines, falling trees, collapsed weakly fortified structures, billboards.

"Increasing the probability of destroying power facilities, fuel storage facilities and the like, as well as other facilities, including those not equipped with lightning protection (lightning rod), discharge of atmospheric electricity, lightning. Source emergencies — storm," — said in a statement.

According to RIA Novosti duty officer of the regional emergency department, the bad weather was expected at about 22.00 MSK Tuesday, but started earlier.

Thunder and rain with strong winds have already passed Pereslavl, now in Rostov and Yaroslavl on looming.

"While no emergency is not fixed, there is only a small power outage," — said the ward.

Meanwhile, in Yaroslavl last Friday has been heavy rain — according to the mayor's office for a half hour in the city has fallen more than polumesyachnaya rainfall, resulting in a few hours the city was literally flooded. The element of prejudice urban infrastructure, including the bridge over the river Kotorosl.

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