Increased level of risk in nuclear power plants in the United States because of Hurricane Sandy

The U.S. Commission on Nuclear Energy (NRC) hurricane "Sandy" announced on Tuesday night the second of four levels of severity for Oyster Creek nuclear power plant in the state of New Jersey, said in a press release on the website of the Commission.

The reason for raising the threat level has exceeded the maximum water level in the water intakes station caused tidal and wave Surges arising under the influence of strong winds from Hurricane "Sandy."

According to the report, Oyster Creek nuclear power plant at the time of approaching hurricane was scheduled off for maintenance and restart of nuclear fuel in the reactors.

NRC experts expect that the water level will gradually decline as "Sandy" began to weaken and move away from nuclear power plants.

According to the NRC, no nuclear plant has not suffered because of the binge element that on Tuesday night brought down their strength to the states of New Jersey and New York.

Reuters, in turn, reported Tuesday quoting a representative of NRC, that the NPP Nine Mile One of Constellation Nuclear Energy Group temporarily suspended for failure to transmit the generated electricity to the external power grid.

Nine Mile One plant is located in the northwest of the State of New York, part of which is dominated by the hurricane "Sandy."

NRC representative could not answer the question of whether that incident with the natural disaster.

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