«Inscription» and the technique of end times

All the Fathers believed that the imposition of anti-christ print his false prophet will be in those 3.5 years of the reign of the Antichrist, who will immediately precede the glorious second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

"And he did what everyone — small and great, rich and poor, free and slave — to receive a mark in their right hand or on their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast: for it is the number of man: His number six hundred sixty-six "(Rev. 13, 16-18):

"Is there something between obshee mark of the beast and the advanced technology that is now gripped the entire world? To give to this question is the right answer, it is important to clearly understand some important aspects of the analysis is the Bible:

1) Print the beast — apparently it's a sign that the kingdom of the Antichrist people wear on his right hand or on his forehead. Without this special designation in the future will not be able to participate fully in the life of the market controlled by the Antichrist ("buy and sell"). People who do not have this sign will be completely devoid of foundation for life.

2) In terms of the inner essence of the animal print — it's a stigma that links the evil of every person with the personality of Antichrist. Internal branding is the moment when a person agrees to do something that he put external stigma. This authorization in no way be taken back, and it attracts people forever to the destiny of the devil. As it has often emphasized during the explanation, mark of the beast will manifest only when the "beast" that is, the Antichrist, will rule the earth. We have also seen that the Bible leaves no doubt about the fact that under the rule of the Antichrist humanity becomes addicted to this evil person, not only financially, but also falls under the total control of the samovlastitelya and false prophet. In connection with the question of whether it is nearer the time, and if so, how close we are to it, our attention, in particular, seek to modern technology. Here, above all, are the two things:

1) Due to the almost unimaginable possibilities of electronic equipment for the first time in human history has been made possible the idea of a global electronic system, through which all the twenty-four hours a day would be to follow the man.

2) The electronic technologies that are used for fully automatic recognition and identification, have the quality that is strikingly similar to the predictions of the Bible. For example, these systems already today prefer such identification mark, are on hand or on their foreheads marked personalities (see Revelation. 2 and 13, 16). Earlier, in the world there was nothing even approximately like this one, on the contrary! A few years ago, even for many Bible commentators was a mystery how the Antichrist will be able to put the whole world under such control, which in practice could be called the "total."

In reality, it is possible to present only in the age of computers, telecommunications and universal global network of electronic systems. And as the mark of the beast, bearing in mind the external function will be a means of exercising power (remember, the one who does not wear the sign, can neither buy nor sell), itself raises the question of whether or not there any connection between the sign and the technology end-times, it's possible to control the global world today declined to arm's length?

We note immediately. In the Scriptures we find a detailed description of the appearance of Antichrist print. God — of course he had good reason for this! — In His Word not informed about the details of how exactly this looks devilish character. This is a fundamental fact which we must accept. That is, in principle, it is impossible to say exactly how the sign will look like a beast. However, many people are wondering about it, and often in a way that increases the uncertainty rather than to approximate the solution.

These divination cover a variety of things, from the visible to the naked eye, certain types of tattoos, to the invisible marking that is burning on the skin with a laser, and electronic "branding" — the introduction of the microchip in the head.

Some pondered the significance of the fact that we are increasingly faced with 666 exactly where the data is processed by the electronics, such as electronic processing of the questionnaires, or in certain codes that are used in the payment of money. Therefore, we briefly consider the question of whether there are in the Bible, such reference points that could help us, rather, recognize the importance of modern technology in connection with this stamp. But first let us recall two important statements from the 13th chapter of the Book


1) In any case the mark of the beast is a sign! It is important to emphasize that! With all the references in the book of Revelation this diabolical mark, the word "mark." Bible under the seal of the beast really means an identification mark that is marked. For "printing" is basically nothing more than a certain marking, such as a birthmark or stigma. That is in itself a biblical notion of "the press" is so unique that there is no reason to think otherwise. In contrast, electronic extraneous body, such as a microchip or any similar technical device does not have a sign marking.

The assumptions under which the mark of the beast can be in connection with such technological solutions, no doubt, have a starting point to date technology and not the words of Scripture. However, for electronic "mark" in the body of the animal herds of animals stir microchips. Work is underway and over the fact that these design elements used to control processes in the human body. But some "print", however, something quite different from an artificial object! Thus, when the Bible speaks of "the press" (sign) or "Inscription" (the meaning of which is clear), then in the case of printing the beast we definitely need to keep in mind some identification (identification), rather than a technical object!

2) Print the beast in every person is the same! The fact that the mark of the beast will have a central role in the economic life of the kingdom of the Antichrist, has led some researchers to believe that this can be a sign of something to do with the monetary and credit system. Statement of Scripture, according to which, without this sign in the future, no one can "buy or sell", then to be understood so that the name — a certain kind of innovation in the payment system without the use of cash, which in general we imagine this: the fact that yesterday was still a checkbook, and today has become a payment card, tomorrow it could be replaced by this label, which people will wear directly on the body.

Thus, the mark of the beast should be understood as a new technical solution of currency in the future? Unfortunately, this understanding is not considered that the mark of the beast has no relationship to the person who will wear it in the kingdom of the Antichrist. Mark of the beast — is the identification mark of Antichrist, as we have already discussed in detail. It is (only) the name of the Antichrist or the number of his name — 666 (Rev. 13, 17-18). According to Scripture, the sign does not contain any additional information! It has nothing to do with the different numbers and individual codes by which computers are now stored in the data about people.

So, at the bank or in government, every citizen has a number under which registered the name and personal information. A completely different situation from the mark of the beast: the sign does not contain personal information about the person. One who marked it, is on the right hand or the forehead, or the name of Antichrist, or the number 666! Thus, the mark of the beast for all people is exactly the same!

Adherence to these facts, it is already possible to see how some will look at the practical application of printing kingdom of Antichrist, in a world where even the smallest action is carried out without payment of cash (!) In that world the mark as a whole defines the right to access to the "buying and selling".

As phone card offers for its owner the ability to access international telephone network, where it can come into contact with anyone on your own, just as the Antichrist, and print to any "designated" it provides access to a centrally controlled financial system Antichrist. In order to do something to "buy and sell" any person, make sure that it carries the seal. If it can not do it, then do not get the right of access.

Just one example, in practice today: to someone could really pay off in the supermarket checkout with no cash, that is, by check or credit card, will depend on whether he can face it, as an "eligible" , certify themselves with the press. This check is just done automatically, like checking fingerprints, electronic recording of the palm or facial structure, as we have already discussed earlier (see Chapter 2).

Instead of identifying marks on the body will then need to identify only "sign" that the person is the last time on his right hand or on his forehead. If the result is positive, the automatic release for the use of the very means of payment, and, from that moment on, nothing prevents the use of a credit card, "electronic purse" or secret personal code. But if on the forehead or on the right hand will not print, access to the central financial system is not possible. This person is completely removed from any "sale" because it does not have the ability to pay. This kind of exception in a society where there is no cash for any person means the absolute end!

Is there a general mark of the beast with the technique? If these arguments are true, then we arrive at the following result for the creation and use of the global financial system — which is: 1) operates entirely without cash, 2) 24 hours a day under the centralized control — certainly needs huge costs on high-technology .

He who now keeps track of how vigorously is working on the creation of computers and electronic data corridors supermarkets worldwide, which would act only with the "money data," that without any effort can introduce such a system. If it comes to the regulation of the person to whom the right to grant access to the system, it is almost necessary to do engineering costs. In this case, it is enough if a certain person can certify themselves with the identification mark.

To do this, in principle, there must be two conditions:

1) The identification mark must be on the body (to reliably rule out the possibility of using it in other).

2) identification mark clearly should have a clear and unambiguous signs, not to mingle with others.

According to the 13th chapter of Revelation, these conditions for "printing" is easily met: in the form of an external sign, consisting of letters, it can be applied directly on the hand or forehead. The name of the Antichrist or 666 satisfy the identification requirements. They can not be confused with anything, because the name of Antichrist is guaranteed unique in world history.

If we add that the identification mark with such minimal "information content" does not even require such costs, as well-known linear code, which is contained in almost all products in the store, it is clear that the mark of the beast in any case is not a complex product advanced technology. On the contrary! Much more should count on the fact that this character will be as simple and small that, having no real knowledge of the Bible, hardly anyone thinks it possible that this mysterious sign for the people in the kingdom of the Antichrist will be equally crucial role!

As you can imagine, in practice, labeling people in the kingdom of the Antichrist?

The Bible says that the people "to be marked." From this formulation it becomes clear that it is about the practical process: people deliberately (!) Announced labeling that their right hands or foreheads marked with a particular sign. To do this, you need the technology, with which such a mark can be applied. The only question is how it can be in practice.

Before I go any further in their reasoning, we should stress that this issue is not about assumptions and assessment of possible options that, based on our current knowledge and use of current resources — at least from a technical point of view — possible.

One of the simplest possible — this is a sign, which is based on the principle of the fingerprint. Line of human finger so subtle that hardly recognized with the naked eye. However, they have so trim and fine structure, with their help you can confidently identify the person. This knowledge is now not only used in criminal proceedings, to expose the alleged perpetrators.

The second chapter in this regard, we talked about the so-called fingerprint technology, which in the future will have to face more and more, especially in banks and savings banks. With this technology, an electronic device reads the fingerprint of man and compares it with a sample recorded in a computer (or smart card).

Using this method with high reliability can be said about the individual, "Eligibility" Is it or not. Thus, the fine structure of the fingerprint — a reliable and natural identification mark on the body, such an identification mark, which can be recorded in the computer and so at any time used for identification! By the same principle can be artificially marked man "mark of the beast."

In general terms, it would look like this: the "content" of the press, that is the name of the Antichrist, or (alternatively) 666 (Rev. 13, 18) is converted into code that can be read by a computer. Because of the low "information content" (only the name or number) this is sufficient even known linear code, which is now used everywhere. Then, the linear code with laser burns on the skin, down to its innermost layer.

Thus directly on the skin, an internal structure. It has the same fine structure as the image of the fingerprint, so that to the naked eye it is not particularly one would notice. Despite this, this artificial code structure in the same way as a fingerprint, may be "readable" electronic device and machinability by computer. This kind of "sign" the following functions:

1) It really is a question of labeling, that is, the actual sign it as a "seal" is directly in the human skin.

2) Any person on the hand or the forehead, it can be done without too much difficulty. No risk of incompatibility, because it uses an alien body parts.

3) The sign can be read by machine, that is, a computer or electronic authentication system. From a practical point of view, it is suitable for universal identification mark, with which you can centrally manage and control access to the future, completely automated, the world of "sales."

4) It is impossible to remove. Such a (laser) marking penetrates deep into the skin and lasts for a lifetime, as the trace of a wound. Here there is regularity. The deeper the labels as devilish print externally and internally (in the spiritual sense) burrows into the skin, much less abrasion it interspersed in the human soul.

We emphasize that these arguments it is only about one of the possibilities. In the end, the question remains whether this method will mark the Antichrist mass end times or an even more perfect method? But this example clearly shows that there is no more obstacles for marking the body with an electronic identification mark. In any case, the technical prerequisites for this for a long time there. In America, the financial news program of one of the independent television stations for 30 May 1980, reported the following: "The unit head / hand — raster already made. He became the reality of the world. "

As if we did not react to this kind of message, in any case, one thing should be taken into account: the more our eyes the kingdom of Antichrist takes his body, the clearer it becomes that literally made the biblical prediction: "The days and the effect of every vision "(Ezekiel 12: 23)" 58. We can see it on the basis of the latest technology:

"There is no credit card, no credit, no check book, no money — just another invisible mark on the hand or on the forehead. What a perfect way to start 1984 "- once admired newspaper" Trud ". — "This is the essence of experience, started in Sweden: experience, which was first initiated in 1983 Six thousand people agreed to take part in the experiment.

Each participant received a special sign made on the appropriate place special painless source of light, and is now labeled for life, because the label can not be removed. The mark is registered in the computer and will be reflected in the banks or other place where "tagged" want to buy something. Store owner or cashier hanging out electronic hand sign and it immediately sends the number to the computer where all the information about the transactions forwarded to the bank, where the store and the customer have an account. Do not have to touch the money. "

In the city of St. Petersburg (Russia) from August 1998 to dogs whose owners will make the equivalent of $ 7 will be implanted into the body of a microchip with information about the owner and his place of residence. Such a procedure, as it was said in the media, will be painless. After this procedure, if the dog is lost, it will be easy to bring back to its owner, just reading the information about it for a microchip …

"As you saw above, the computer can be used and some are already in use worldwide. United's global computer network, they can be used as a centralized system of control over the economic situation in the world. If we take this into account, along with the above, we can see and the big advantage of such a system. With it, you can completely eliminate the possibility of various types of shocks, so often we see today, thus completely stabilize the situation on the planet.

Partly for that reason before the Great Tribulation will be so enticing people to become a party to these great changes, sometimes without realizing sorry finals of the decision. And, forgetting what was said in the Bible, many are ready to become full citizens of the "realm of darkness." In order for such a model has been developed, it is necessary transformation of human consciousness on the earth.

Tremors, pushing our minds to such a transformation, visible today, and work to create this awareness is not new. This idea, which is being promoted in today's world (the idea of world peace, peace and security) is really feasible, but that it does not lose its utopian nature and the methods by which it is achieved. Our new consciousness must be radically different from the one we have now. Must understand the need for reconciliation, settle territorial disputes, economic, political, and above all, racial issues for the twenty-first century, to live as one big family, one big nation — without war, racial discord and intolerance.

Being willing to take these points and to think in accordance with them, the people will be prepared for the arrival of the governor, able to control events on the planet and in real time to monitor their progress, assess the situation and take a decision in accordance with their anti-human plans. Says about God in His Word, the ruler of this in the end times will incarnate the Antichrist.

Developments now on the planet leads to the conclusion that the time of his arrival and the execution of the last prophecy is very close. Such a conclusion can be drawn even from the above information, but signs of the arrival of the end of time about which the Bible says so much that even list them in the light of today's changes will take a heavy work. The information is lit, open only a very small part of what precedes the End. But even that is enough to understand that the end is inevitable.

As the prospects of the computer industry are so huge and the possibilities so significant — the future of our planet is largely determined by this circumstance. Those who study the Bible, of course, will see yet another confirmation of the arrival of the Antichrist and the proximity of the Great Tribulation. Those who are far from the perception of truth, have the ability to objectively verify all above stated, and a little reflection.

So often heard by us today the words peace and security are to pass as human in the Great Tribulation in the Apocalypse. Now we just strive for world peace, do it for all possible and impossible sacrifice, but when it does come, it will come only for a short time. If you have a Bible, you can see this immediately. Open Bible in 1 Thessalonians, the fifth chapter.

Read the first verse: "But of the times and dates do not need to write to you, brothers, for you yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night. For when they shall say, "Peace and safety," then sudden destruction cometh upon them … and they shall not escape. " Prophecy that was written almost 20 centuries ago, very accurately, as any Bible prophecy, reports preparation and purpose of today's human proximity to the beginning of the Great Tribulation. '"

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