Interview with Indigo. 11 years old boy Sasha

Indigo. About the future of the Earth and humanity on the eve of the global crisis and the transition into a new consciousness of the planet

Sasha — indigo child, 11 years old, answers questions about our life, about what the future will bring and how to adequately meet the coming changes that will affect the Earth and all of Humanity.

Communication takes place online through Sasha's tutor (his nickname Elfi (Elhfi)). Forum visitors Sasha asked questions to which he answered to the extent possible.

# Tell Sasha, how you've come to the understanding that there will be one or the other?

It's like a puzzle. First shows the total picture, and then it shatters into pieces. These parts are attached to each other only when I think of how connected by two or more parts. If I do not understand that the picture will not appear again, and I forget about it.
In general, knowledge is not always transmitted image. This may be the word. Words can explain or draw. They come when the question is asked. No need to look for an answer, you need to set the correct question.
where people come from?
People brought to Earth in 12,437 years. This is the exact date of those who watched it. Then he talked with many people. People — not simple creatures. They have a lot of friends. Thank you for what you are so good! I'm curious and those who are now with me — too.
Refer to point P241 50 44. Sufficient to list the numbers and concentrate. This place is not far away. In our world. This place is not visible to the naked eye.
people will be better or remain the same?
People will become better only when all the wrong stop sharing. Now they are doing everything wrong, unfair. The changes have just begun. They run when you will not. People change so that they will not recognize themselves, they will change for the better.
knowledge exists on their own or create them?
Knowledge exist on their own in a world where we live. Outside the world of knowledge is not. They are created by those who create life in the stars and planets. You must be able to use the knowledge. Now we come to explain and teach them how to do it. Then we will leave, and people will do it themselves. The Earth has a whole book of Knowledge. People have used it a little bit. They were hampered by the fact that they can not read. The book is "written" in the language that people shared. Now it has to be gathered again.
whether this is related to the energy coming from the Sun?
Come from the sun small changes to existing knowledge. In general, the sun is dangerous for you. Soon it will cause harm.
People to change, they need to remove what they have divided the world. And many more laughs when you say seriously. This is also a hindrance. And we can not forget quickly, then it becomes hard to remember.
why people do it wrong?
them as brought to the ground, or they fall asleep?
People sleep. This dream patient. Earlier, people were different. Sometimes I am afraid of people. Many of them are evil and nasty. They do not know this, but I can see. They are afraid of my friends. But people are not all the same. When they were brought here, they were very different. I've seen them so. They are kind and good! So I like them a lot!
And what people have divided the world?
They were weak. Weak looking strong and the strong weak again. Those who were settled people did not think that they will fight for the world that they just gave. They consider it their own. He and so them. My mother also gives good toys.
confirmation of the righteous and sinners, that to come soon:
of 3 books. Ezra 14 1-31
"For age 10 lost his youth, and the times of old.
For the world is divided into twelve parts, and nine parts of it, and half a tenth of already passed, and there is that after half a tenth.
15 For after the disaster will be more than how much you have seen today.
How much will it weaken the age of old age, as will be multiplied evil for living.
17 Even further removed truth and lie close; already hastening to reach the vision that you have seen. "
easy to calculate based on the twelve-part time and when I lived Ezra, that our time is the last.
of 3 books. Ezra 15 13-41
"26 The Lord knows all those who sin against him, because he sold them to death and killing. 27 In terms of earthly disasters have already come, and you will abide in them.
God did not save you because you have sinned against Him. "
of 3 books. Ezra 16 44-74
"57 In short it created the stars, and he knows the number of stars.
64 He knows your intention and that you consider the things in your hearts, when sin and want to hide your sins.
65 For the Lord sees clearly all your work, and to convince all you, 66 and you will be put to shame when your sins are open to people, and lawlessness brought by prosecutors in the day. 67 What you do and how to hide your sins before God and his angels?
…71 For in all places and in nearby towns, many rise up against those who fear Gospoda.73 ravage and plunder their property, and out of their houses shall drive them.
74 Then comes the test of my chosen as gold is tested by fire. "
1) Why is the growing activity of the sun?
2) How much do your feelings, left to go?
3) How will it be held? (A gradual increase in the vibration level or surge?)
4) What role was played by men? That depends on us?
(From the people and from the um … not like everything)) Ie Can we speed up the process?
5) What are the representatives of the Indigo? Svet/Tma/3-e?
The first ten answers to the questions that were given to Sasha.
Not all issues have a direct answer about the time, but here I warned of the possible exceptions. Reply form maximally preserved. If someone really found the answer, you will be very happy. The following answers — if possible.
1. With two magnets, which operate on the Sun. They are larger than the Sun, and are far from it. These magnets can be more, and maybe with the sun just two. When the sun gets hot, it changes the life not only on Earth, but on other planets.
2. It will be soon. But this is not a transition. This change. This is not the first time. I can not give an exact date, because people will be nervous and make mistakes. Sorry.
3. The change is not quick to humans, but fast for the Sun and its planets. What happens, feel and understand a few people. It's better to not know anybody, except those who can be useful in an event. The rest will interfere because their understanding is too slow.
4. Those who know what will happen, will be used. Large light (more Flash) will give them a signal. They would always hear, see and understand. Others did not understand anything. Training time has passed. Those who are well studied, will be useful. Others will be watching. The main strength of those who did well, mind. The strength of the arms and legs do not need. The strength of this generally will not be necessary. People will faint. At this time, they need help, or they will become very small. I can not say that we will have to do. It will be known in the Flash.
5. Indigo neither light nor darkness. We on Earth is temporary. Remain on it will not. We just help you get Flash. After that, you yourself become strong. Do you have knowledge of the world to do this, but you use them poorly. We of the World, which is beyond. This limit is reached you never. People can not live in our world. They quickly disappear, because we have no time. You need time. We do not need it. Limit ends where it begins to glow.
6. I — Sasha. Boy. People.
7. This ball, about which there is one. Sometimes there may be two. Then they move around quickly.
8. No, it came up with people. If we cut the ball, he can not skate.
9. Indigo came to help you. If you have had these opportunities, we would not come. We have to talk about myself, because our actions are visible. People can not be bothered, and we try not to do it just like that. Indigo is very small. We are almost the same as you. You're a bit late, and we're doing the time faster.
10. This is not clear. We — the people. Just a little bit different from you on abilities. You and us — the people.
11) Does the world indigo unaware who they are?
12) How much indigo different from humans (as an example we can take a bearded enlightened sage)?
13) How do I know who is Indigo?
14) Does the indigo in the universe other than Earth?
15) Why is indigo, and not aliens from another planet (can indigo something different is called), is it really only because of the color of the aura?
16) Indigo — human or alien? Which side it is more?
17) How are your parents? The others? Tell you about yourself?
18) How do you know why the elves and through it all you tell?
19) Why did you tell? Why do you need?
20) How do you live in the future?
There is not enough. They have not learned what they do on Earth.
Indigo on the physical capabilities of people. But when they think they do not like people. A smart person can be totally different from the mind of these children. Indigo mind encompasses all that men call Earth, and the mind is simply a smart person has knowledge that it receives from other people or from books. Indigo still feel good. People are very cold in her feelings.
Indigo can learn just like them, or those who created them. Still there is a mediator. They are out of people and Indigo, but all of them know it. I see by the Indigo Light. He has a golden and a form of "sign", which I understand (the sign, unfortunately, will not be transferred). More Indigo constantly changing light that is brighter then darker. That people do not know how.
No. Indigo appear only on Earth. They live only a moment compared to the universe. Earth — the only place that can appear like that. The same applies to people.
Aliens living on planets and can navigate through them. For Indigo is not necessary. To be on another planet, it would cease to be Indigo.
Indigo — side of man, of which he knows nothing. We come as strangers, when in fact most people. Someone else — not to bad, just weird. Understanding occurs when a person dies and leaves the Earth. Indigos are born with the people, but not here, not in your world. And they did not die with him. But live with it.
Parents do not like it when I talk about what I see. They say that this is nonsense and stupidity. And they say that I learned more and less flying in the clouds. Others I almost did not tell. This is impossible. I'm not allowed. When a person who can show it to me, and I know I can talk to him. From such a man, too, is Light. This person can tell signs.
Elfi called parents, and before that I was bad with their studies. Elfi lit. He knows how to speak the way I speak. He understands children and adults. He can help. He is kind.
I mention this because the world will soon change. I was told that I once said this to you. It will be for real. If you understand what is happening, you can move on. I also find interesting glowing people. Can talk with them at a distance. They always understand each other. There are those among you who have the opportunity to understand coming. If we think about it together, it will be easier to understand.
I do not know. I know that I will live
1. What qualities or abilities is most important for a person?
2. Now too late to engage in the development of these qualities?
3. If he knows something about Jesus Christ and Christianity, that he thought about it? Where Jesus came?
The most important thing is for the person — do not be afraid of change. Everything that happens has to happen. People can only choose where they would be at this time. Best quality — quiet, understanding, kindness. Still be allowed to make people ill. Such people need to stop. And you have to learn to take care of their things.
It's not too late to develop. But it is very difficult to become calm. All the people are very worried for various reasons. And when people do bad all see it, but do not talk about it. This will be the most difficult.
Jesus — not the person. He only took the form of man. This is not God. God it was the people. He is one of the living before you. He brought you the knowledge which is expected to grow. But many people do not perform and have fun. So it is impossible to do. Those who sent Jesus, to think about people differently.
Can Sasha something privately to advise and treat others? =)
Cure is possible when you know you can do it. Should not be treated when you realize that this is impossible. One has to ask: "Can I be treated?" And then: "Can I be treated?" If the answer is "yes", you can, but at least once "no" — not. People are sick of what they themselves can not make yourself look like the world around. Then the world is doing it for them. Disease — is to help the world, but people are afraid of it. Person should not be treated, to explain to him how to make sense that he does not understand.
You can not kill the person. This is very dangerous and wrong. All diseases can be cured without it. The man has the word disease. If they are put right, then it disappears. These words can say only the man himself. If a person wants to heal himself, he has to believe in it and do not think it will make for a tablet. They can drink, when a person is too weak, but better to try yourself. Cure can not only pills, but the sun, paint, birds, water … (here a large transfer). What is needed, it is warm.
how long the evacuation of the children?
Thanks in advance!
It does not happen in the literal sense. Children are translated into other forms. It began in 1993.

Sasha said that indigo came to help people during the change. So let's talk a little bit and Change.
I repeat the question a little about it. You decide to answer them or not. In any case, thank you. :-)
1 The changes will take several years?
2 Changes will begin when Sasha and other indigo become big?
3 Without the arrival indigo children people will not be able to go through the changes?
4 Changes will apply to the outside world, or will touch and the people themselves, the physical body? How will it relate to the body?
5 Changes will be equally experienced by people of all ages?
6 For whom the changes will be easier? For some, more difficult?
7 When the flash is in the beginning or at the end of Changes?
8 What should I do to prepare for the change? Do I have to, for example, to store medicines and food?
9 Will the changes occur in everyday life, that is, whether or not all the same as always, people will go to work, traffic will be business as usual, shops, schools, banks, hospitals, newspapers, etc., will work as always ?
10 People who like helping people get change, will feel each other and communicate with each other?
11 Sasha said that people will become weak, and they will need help. Why they are weak? They will feel bad physically and this weakness arises from confusion, because they will not understand what is happening and what they should do?
12 Who is the changes in Flash and a threat to life on Earth?
13 How will feel animals during changes and flashes?
14 In what places in the world do not need to be in time, the change and the flash?
1. Yes. But much more than that to the scientists.
2. Yes. We have to grow. Help us come before a mediator.
3. People are weak. We're here to help. We would like people to understand that.
4. First, change the outer world. Then the people will change. Silicon will be the basis. People will gradually disappear.
5. The hardest thing will be old. They will be very little. Along with them will die your knowledge. When this happens, you will forget the past. Children are easier to survive the event. Their minds will be prepared.
6. Most changes will be easier for those who can think and see what's next. This will be a lot. Those who think with the TV to be blind, and they will be easy to cheat.
7. The flash comes first.
8. Medicines and food will be very small. People will quickly die. On Earth, there is little food, but are silent about it. The food was disgusting, bad. It added that gradually kills.
9. During the main change lives disrupted. The light will not everywhere. Working people are bad. But first, it will not. In the end all the more difficult, people will get sick and burns. Money will not wanted. You will change. Those who are in high school, will study at home if they can.
10. These people will talk to each other at a distance. They already know how to do it. People do not understand.
1. The flash comes from the sun?
2. Those people who will understand what's going on, too, will get burned and will be weak?
3. Indigos have other body or they too will get burned?
The changes will affect the world first, then man. Will life in the world, and then in humans. People feel bad because they do not know how to make friends. When friends, then you do not want to hurt, and the man wants. Because of this, a little talk with him. People also come to each other. They try to hurt and then smiling. So it is impossible to do! Pain like a lot of people. While it is, people will feel the pain inside. The flash will not come from the sun. Sun will only increase its own power. Place, from whence cometh flash:
Those who will understand, will also hurt, but weaker, because there will be prepared in your mind. Their minds will remain strong, but they can get sick if they do not do it right.
Indigo will be the hardest. Another life, they will not. They have to be very careful. Their burns are the most painful, if they get them. This will be due to the fact that they will be in the most difficult locations.
Sasha, hi!
Future of which you speak, strictly and consistently or does it indefinitely and it can be changed?
Can we choose the future?
How to wake up?
What is the role of "love"?
Will there be a global awakening in our lives?
Future of the people there. You can go to each of its path. The tracks can be changed. Then the people choose their own future. When you navigate away from the Earth, you will realize that such a future and will smile, because it's easy.
You can wake up from listening to the world around you. This is not what they say on TV and radio. The voices of human beings, animals and the forest.
Love will help you, because you know it best. You need it. But it is impossible not to love for real. Many parents may not love their children, and then they become very ill.
People start waking up, with your life, and you too.
Six months have to flash?
This World.
Before the outbreak more.
The pain created by the people. On it to say, because people are sick and want to be happy. Happiness — is when people smile for real and do not want to hurt each other. And happiness when you give something just like that, but do not want you to do something.
ETC has long been on Earth. They are among the people. You constantly communicate with them. They understand you — no. Do you understand that, you need to stop being afraid and open mind. Then it disappears, what prevents you see them
Listen to messages from the world and to understand them, to be calm, to know what people are saying in the world.
When you change the people open exchange of ideas in the distance. They will spend less time on the road. They will fly to Saturn.
Following the outbreak can be grown that grows under the "dome."
"Before the outbreak more" it is meant the distance, or that after more than six months will see the flash of all the inhabitants of the earth?
Before the outbreak at a distance of 10 3.1465847588 units to the Center of the Sun. It comes more than six months at the ordinary time.
Are there changes in Flash and a threat to life on Earth?
Yes. People weakened mind. Plants become poisonous. Water will be a bad, dirty.
Will Indigo seventh race in the world, would be replaced in whole people. And if not, then why in the various sources of indigo different information. Who to believe?
No, Indigo will not be seven races. They will be your children. They are usually, but will know more and be able to, too. When people talk about Indigo, the confused and the origin of the problem child of the child. Indigo come from the area Ordinary children of

Now a lot of kids who know how a lot of things, but it is only their ability. This is not a sign of Indigo. Indigo has a golden color. Blue are the ones who develop the ability, it is the mind. Indigo is not necessary to distinguish or find. They have to live together with people and ordinary children. What they need, they will try to do. are these numbers?
These numbers refer to those who communicate. You too can be marked as such. This is not a constant value.
Resurrection will happen in the next five, ten, twenty years? Or will it be another very long?
Why does man live again when he will do? Wait for it — it means to be in one place. If people are engaged in the resurrection, they will lose their children. The earth will be resettled. This is already happening
1. Why is the flash?
2. What can and should be done by people that have saved himself and his home-land?
3. Earth itself produces or receives its energy from an external source?
4. What is the purpose built ground?
5. Earth is a spaceship run by men?
6. Russian security services and the U.S. have the technology and UFO secrets new energies?
7. What is the role of the pyramid?
8. Global warming has something to do with pumping oil?
9. How about a world in which there are no boundaries and rules?

1. The reason for the flash to change the world, to whom the Sun. It must be. Know about everything, including people. You have it recorded in the earliest books.
2. People need to calm and just do their job and not to engage in foreign affairs. Flash people do not comply. When the people will be talking about this, people need to hear. They do not cheat.
3. Earth — is energy. Sun — also energy. These energies — one. The sun gets its power from another source, which you do not.
4. Live those who are interested to play in the constructor. Then the game will be for real. Each model is that you collect will be then made in earnest. To collect so you need to learn this. Those who are collecting will learn this over and over again, otherwise the model can break down and repair it would not know how.
5. Land is not a ship. A planet. You can not run the world, because I do not know how it should move. All the planets are doing it yourself, because to do it for those who live on them, it is difficult and unnecessary. It takes time.
6. Yes. Now people will be prepared to fly to the planet of the solar system. Outside his world, you were too. This knowledge is not given to all men, because some may do poorly and run. Do not do that in a world where we live.
7. Pyramid will soon be included. They act like a church. They include from space. Pyramid — the antenna. They accept the transfer to Earth and transmit all that is on earth.
8. No.
9. This world can be good if the rules are. Otherwise people quarrel, and they know how to put up bad. They need to be the ones who tell you how to do, and who is right.
10. You can not be so, because you are afraid of each other. There is also fear and do it by force. The people there are not happy, it is felt. But it can be really, if people see that result in harm to one another is to harm yourself. Among the people there can be few who live well and who is bad. All can live and so and so, but no one should live only.
1. About how many runs the most difficult period of change? is there a chance to those who are now 30-40-50-60 years to see it completed in your life?
2. If plants, water, animals will be polluted, poisonous than you can eat and quench their thirst during the change, except plants "grown under the hood"?
3. When Silicon enters the human body, how to change his life functions than this body will eat? as it will be in relation to the external environment? stronger and more invulnerable? Will the disease and aging?
4. After changing people cease to be evil? how to change their mind?
5. Do you think we'll actually ask the important questions and the most important is something else, which we have not asked? what real questions we should be asking you?
6. What do you most want to tell us? what do you think, the most important thing we know, before there is a change?
1. Heavy periods for the Earth will be very soon. You'll see them. Time can not be named.
2. People make a pill that will have. It will be easy, but people will get sick because of this they will be small. Learn how to purify water and to create. It will not be a problem. Then you learn how to clean the rivers and lakes, and do it all over the Earth. Love it all and will always be.
3. People will be better to take the light from the sun, will be best remembered. But before that they will be very much a headache. People will live up to 130-150 years, but they will slowly grow. This means that children will be more. You will no longer be afraid that too many people will die.
4. After changing the people will not cease to be evil. They will be confused. Because of this, they will fall out even more. Because of this, they often will forget everything, and this will help them to make peace. Then they want to learn, but it will not be at school.
There are many people in Russia who have experienced various experiments, in which they realized that they were something more than the body. Many had mystical experiences, the experiences of other worlds. Now, these people are in this world, can not understand, and what to do next. What to do with that experience. Many do not know. Maybe you have an answer to the question. What such people?

When people come to Earth, they are born small. The little you can find out how the world is big. When I talk to adults, I do not understand everything, but when I know I want to talk more. So I met with many people who were interesting. They tell me a lot that I did not know, I learn from them. My mother looked at my grades and said that she would have to study with me for a long time.
If you know more, you need to pass it to others, if they want. If you do not have students, this means that you need to do most things in life that require your skills. Sometimes you just need something to think about and to understand — this is also considered a business. What you think, will then be used to get your job done.
I first tried to write off control, but Sergei, from which all the answers were waiting, he wrote slowly, and then I began to think of myself, and I began to receive. Now sometimes I cheat. But I do not give to all, and to those who need it.
And the fact that we have a lot of friends who are not people, then there is nothing. Sooner or later will realize this.
Why is a lot of information about upcoming and ongoing space and Earth Changes are from other countries. Why this is happening in Russia, in small scale.

In other countries, people know how best to work with the information. There people better understand what they say, but it is bad feel. In our country, on the contrary. In other countries, there are those who will participate in the events of more than people of our country.
There is another reason: these countries will be affected the most.
How do you think the Russian will go through these changes?
People will be bad, because there would be a lot of poor and unhealthy. They will pay little attention as it will be difficult for themselves. But it will be wrong. The main thing in this — do not run away from the others, because the changes will be open to all. When this is understood, people will connect minds and they will not need a country because it will be available to the whole world. The same thing happens with people from other countries. This is already done, because I know it.
Why, when you talk about the upcoming Cataclysm, do not want to say the best way to survive it? Either they are doomed?
No, people are not doomed. But they have to go change everything. No one knows what will happen. This Rule.
Will the transition to the next 6 years in the incorporeal existence? And what is in the fourth dimension?
Do it, when they die, and when they sleep. 4-dimensional world — a world of dreams. You live there, too, but do not understand it. Fully live there you can not.
It is believed that before 2012 we will go through an event like a meeting with other civilizations (Lemuria, Atlantis, Siriusiyane etc). Do you think it will be?

Prior to that time, with all the contact will not be. But many of those who rule the country are aware of them and talk to them. This will continue to hide as much bad in the world. More than half of people are afraid of those who live in other worlds. Because of this, other people could be killed. They do not want to harm the first to make people feel fear. People need to stop being afraid of yourself.
What is "love", why people are looking for it and can not find?
Love — is when everyone is thinking about something else, and he feels it and does what he has to do. Love — the Power of the Light, that they give you a reason. This is a gift that you have to learn to give.
Why do people become evil?
Because they feel bad because they have forgotten how to give and are very eager to continue to give them more. Then they sell it or give another reason. Because of this, there are poor people, because they have no one to turn to. They should donate, but do not give, but want them to buy. And for those who asked, no money. Then they are told that it is not for them, and it is wrong, because it is for them. People no longer trust each other and begin to fear those who do so. Do not do that!
Do you think the internal irritation depends on the person or on external factors?
When a person is angry, then no one is to blame. Man angry himself, and not someone else. If you do it yourself, you agreed. You can not do that. It is difficult, if not already started to get angry. If I'm angry, mother stroking my arm or head, and I quickly calm down. I think it is necessary to do so, and others.
You say that people want to learn, but it will not only be in a school where they will learn?
They will learn from the Earth. There is more knowledge than they in school. You can learn not only on Earth. This happens when people understand the need for this. If they will not — they were not forced.
On Earth, there are those who are more important than all the rulers of the countries?
They are 11, but was 12. they are subject to other rulers.
You say that "people will be prepared to fly to the planet of the solar system." It will be available to the public, such as, for example, there are many cars, or will it be the privilege of the few?
You will rarely fly, because it will not need to do it often. If people will fly, it will remain there, which flew. A person may have only one home.
How much (in percentage terms, for example) will be killed by these changes?
91.76843561444444 ….
Is there life on other planets in the solar system (on what and how much), and if we come in contact with it?
You have long been aware of those who live in the solar system. They are more advanced than humans. The smartest live on Venus. They help people the most. First, Venus was not. Then there are those who live on Saturn, but they already lose their lives, they left quite a bit. They would like to live, but they do not work. Everyone knows that in the solar system. You can not fly to Mars. They live the most evil people. These people do not like. Also, for your bad attitude on Jupiter and Uranus. This is a dangerous world. There can not be sent ships with people. They do harm. But if the ship will be automatic, it will not do anything. Now watch the ships of people around Saturn. The fact that the ships pass, the truth is no more than 30%.

# Does Mount Kailash and other ancient systems? Like what?
Mountain — No, some other point — yes.

— 1) What can you say about Shambala (like the Brotherhood of advanced beings)?
2) and the relationship with Shamballa civilizations of other planets.
3) and their role in the future developments in the world associated with the changes.
4) What can you say about the connection with extraterrestrial origin of man on Earth?
5), and of what is the truth in the history of the origin of man on Earth, which runs from the Sumerians?
6) What can you say about the relationship of Jesus and extraterrestrial life?
7) and of knowledge, which says that once came to Earth from Venus being highly (7 Kumar) and influenced the evolution of man?

• 1.Shambala exists, but is not stable. She remained there for long. It will disappear due to lack of energy coming from the outside. This lack of people feel later on when to start the change. Shambhala was established to support the people as a new species on the planet. This research center. Of the people he often tells what to do.

• 2. Shambhala is not associated with the planets. Those who created the people are not like them. They are products of mental activity. Planets similar to Earth next to none. Life on earth is such a one. There are other planets with other life. It is alien to you. Only a few can be clear for you. They do not come to the earth open, because there is no need. Communication takes place on a different principle. Spaceships do not need to build.

• 3. Shambhala is to the change. Then she disappears. The study will be completed. Earth must undergo change successfully. It is the task of Shambhala.

• 4. Point circulation 19,003 — 24.85. In your address to the ecliptic: 19.04 and 89.01. They are the ones who created man.

• 5. Sumerians — the people who lived long ago, 27,000 years ago. They often talked with the creators of the people, because it helps in the study more than was necessary. The study involved more. They changed people, and research has begun to lose meaning in bulk. People must live in the world and not to leave with her.

• 6. Jesus gave people the opportunity to connect with the universe. He did not give a religion, which is derived from faith. These are the people did wrong. Believe — is to do everything carefully, and not to do it for myself more. Jesus did not say that all this will do for people. He said that it will be understood by them, when they come to it. People should not have to beg and pray. In the world there is "higher" and "lower." Jesus is not the highest, but just smarter. People can also become like that. He did not have to serve. It must be understood. It also seeks to understand people. Jesus — not the person, and never have been. Every body — a form which can be quickly created. Jesus is not connected to the body and the mind, which is everywhere in the universe. Jesus can speak to everyone in the universe. That he wanted to teach, and people. He's not the first. The first time was Prometheus. They came twice.

• 7. Venus has always helped and helps the Earth. Those who came there to this day with you. They continue to study and keep order in the world. It's difficult for them. Land is not stable. Venus comes after all the planets. Those who help you, not people. They do not need a body, but they sometimes use them. Now you do not agree to help it. Your technique came from the mind of inhabitants of Venus. People need to learn to work with the knowledge of another, because that's what people know Venus, large in size and speed. Now people understand too slow. What on earth is called "bad" part of people have created, part of those who participate in the study. This is to make people understand how to work with the knowledge given by others.

# What's the host huge number of extraterrestrial intelligence (in 4.5 dimensions) in the world?
Land belongs not only to the people. You are not alone and have never been alone. Each performs its task in the world, who came. That you do not interfere with each other, you do not see each other.

# Can a man develop not only spiritually, but also to develop the physical properties of the body?
Yes, but then you have to create new rules of life. Food and cars no longer hold people. Those who govern you, do not.

# What is unique about the upcoming changes in the world in the history of space exploration?
This is a normal change. Its passage by many. If you were the creators, you would not have experienced. It is unique for living (come). Many come just for this.

# What the Earth experiment conducted messengers Sirius?
It is not far from you civilization. Their actions you do not understand and have no harm. They are important for the results of his life. Much contact with Sirius will not.

# How justified is a use of the pyramidal structures in human life and in general, in the period of change?
Pyramids are able to transmit and receive signals. Antennas that people can do, it is very simple, the pyramid — the other antenna. They can not turn on the way people used to do it. Knowledge to include left and are in different locations, including the pyramids themselves. Their signal is like a very, very long waves.

# Prompt, what technique of breathing exercises is more effective in human development?
Reiki (help elves).

# Will the collapse of the building, not including submerged or washed away in the process of change?
Destruction never affects new. Otherwise, everything will be the opposite.

# Which catastrophe on Earth can happen if the poles of the planet unchecked change position? Can someone control (manage) shift of the poles?
People can not control the Earth's poles. Remember that you are not alone in the world. — Your task is not to harm nature, not to offend its residents.

# Which minerals can collect light and does not act as magnets?
Aluminum, silica.

# Because of what the person yawning and what is happening at this moment, not on the physical plane?
This is preparation for the transition in parallel. During sleep, a person lives in a different way. Changing with the body, so you have time to make the world a lot.

# Are there any people in the halls Chronicles Sphinx? What and when humanity will know about it?
No. It is not for humans.

# Is it true that in the process of change will happen unprecedented event in the history of space: we cross through the octave of the universe? And where we go after that, no one knows?
You will be taken to a different "tone". All will be heard in a new way. It will be like good music, where everything is right and nobody is wrong. Will make mistakes to learn.

# I heard that on the moon there are intelligent beings, how much they affect us? Or the moon in our own special effect? I always wake up when my body is pouring moonlight …
On the moon, there is no reason, but the Moon has an information field. Its impact you and feel.

# These extraordinary predictions of the light flash is that people will go to live under the ground and the body to change the structure of organosilicon how this information is literal and how much you believe in it?
This is not a prediction. This knowledge. It is not just in words but also in shape. This form is in a conditional future for the people, but the time it makes no sense. It makes sense what people will in their development. The current development leads them to it.
In addition to the future, this knowledge is still in the past. This means that the movement to a form began much earlier than you think. And people have started it.

# From an early age always wanted kakih-nibud global change, for example, disasters … And often thought about that attended and the visit. What is talked about further changes, you do want to see it all, to take part. Can you explain why attending an early age such thoughts, so that?
When on earth are big events, they do not happen at once. They come gradually, because our world is changing very slowly. It is like the waves in the ocean. First there are different waves, and then a big wave. If you can understand the small waves, you can prepare others to great. They also have to understand that. Sometimes it is impossible to do, or people refuse to do. Then you have to just watch and learn.

# What is a Bigfoot — "Bigfoot"?
This inhabitant. He appeared before the people. His mind is simple, but has the ability to communicate with other parallels. He lives away from people because communication with them he does not need. It is closer to Earth than men. In the body of Bigfoot is what makes people fear. So snowman keeps people at a distance. Sometimes it takes away the fear, because people can tell when meeting new. He did not need to speak with the language. He is able to speak my mind. "Snow People" have the meaning that is hidden to the people, but to the world. So they keep it, and make available to the whole field of the planet. If a person binds himself to the Earth, it is the knowledge revealed to him.

# Sasha, please tell me how to distinguish truth from falsehood? Now a lot of information on the Internet about 2012, and so on … Who to believe? Are there any more tangible opportunity to check this, than to feel?

Lies built only by people. In a world of lies there. To distinguish right from wrong, you need to learn to see not only themselves, but also to other beings and their worlds in which they live. This is not just because people are used to consider the Earth as home. House humans everywhere, and this means that it can come to wherever he wants, if there is such a possibility. You can not think that you can come running or not to go, do it. And when you do, you should understand how and what to do. Then, the truth and the lies disappear because you stop theirs. Now you think you can not do without them. So do sometimes and my friends when they say that they can not without ice cream or potato chips.
In 2012 there will be change. Knowledge of it comes to you as a high wave. For it will be more high waves. If you go into the sea and do not fall on the rolling waves, sooner or later some of them will make you do it. Fall not necessarily because the wave can pass around you. She goes around when you realize that it is the meaning. If the wave goes around, it still touches you, but only slightly. In this case you will be given what you need and what could be passed with a strong touch.
If you want to check what you feel, then compare the experience with other people and ask yourself. Your answer is the most important.

* Still, Sasha, give at least some tips how to prepare, what to prepare (for example, the same canned, …).
They save you. This will be the last. Canned spoil. You have to live normally and do not wait, just know it. This is one of the parts of your life that you are ready. If you die, it will not be terrible for you. Do not be afraid.

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