Intestinal infection from Europe made it to Egypt

Intestinal infection from Europe made it to Egypt

According, 32, a German citizen, came to rest in the southern part of Egypt, settled near popular among Russians in Hurghada. Here he and there are alarming symptoms, which lies on the European hospitals 2, 7000 people.

Experts fear — if the germ-killer spread to Egypt, it can lead to epidemics in the Middle East. This country resort, to put it mildly, does not differ proper sanitation.

Check that it is the most dangerous E. coli in German, there is no possibility. In Egypt special reagents opredelniya coli strain did not deliver. Doctors have nothing to compare analyzes patient.

According to recent reports, E. coli E.coli can manifest itself only in 7-8 days after infection. So a German citizen could easily pick up an infection at home. And unsuspectingly went to rest.

Source of spreading infection — unfortunately — still not found. So the ban on the import of vegetables from Europe to Russia remains in force.

Victims of infection were 26 people

It is reported by the German magazine "Focus".

— Not excluded new victims and new cases — warned the German Health Minister Daniel Bar. — However, we hope that the peak of the epidemic is over.

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