Inversion: Dance of the magnetic field and the Earths poles


I want to draw your attention to the extraordinary situation in the world. By education I am — an engineer, retired. The last couple of decades, I observe phenomena in nature and change in the psyche of people. A long time ago, I read non-fiction books about the system, holistic education. One of the articles in the interview Academic V.Afanasev, talking about a factor which, emphasized that man and the universe — are closely interconnected systems.

There was also talk that if the condition of the existence of any system — "the amount of information signals at the input and output of the system must be zero" (ie, how many signals the "input" — the same should be on the "output" of system), some mechanism is triggered and the system or "flies in the dust" or "complicate the structure."

Probably when in nature (as a system), there comes a limit information, it does not begin to deal with the processing of signals and requires a "reset." The same phenomena are inherent in the consciousness of people (both components of the system), so it also needs to become more complex in function.

I believe that it is triggering some of the genetic program of DNA (as always in the nature of Man), which aims to "restructured" consciousness. Now, from this point of view, look at the situation in the world. It is not my goal to convince anyone of anything — I just operate on known facts.

So, in September 1993, was the momentum in the form of gamma radiation from the creation of the Centre of our Galaxy (by the way, the discoveries of science.) Biosphere resonated happened unilateral shift of the electromagnetic field around the planet. This fact is also confirmed by the fact that during this period in America had been initiated new labeling runways, which reflects the navigation and orientation bands to the cardinal. After several years at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to the question of curious how many airports in the United States carried out a new label, said: "All of them. Intensity of the magnetic field decreases faster than usual."

Then I noted the growing number of psychics, psychic phenomena at the heart of which lay stress — failure biorhythm even coma. Many ordinary people appeared psychic phenomena and pathology, but many hide it and shy. I believe that if the gamma-ray emission has responded all living at the DNA level: people have joined a program of Natural Selection — I call it the savior. I was at the time not only to witness this phenomenon among mentally healthy people, but also the appearance of abnormalities in their psyche after the signal — many of my colleagues, "a sloping roof." Some began to see energy in motion, others — the internal organs and their pathology, the third was a "show" program laying in people's minds, etc. — Each received "their" information.

Gradually, the one who thought a more sober, her condition stabilized. Some people shake their consciousness to this day different methods.

In a world of dramatically increased the number of prostitutes, homosexuals, lesbians, witches, magicians, killers, pedophiles and the like — people in a strange parasitic energy. Many became physical and spiritual disease. Growing unmotivated aggression (the emotion of species conservation) and animals and people (including nationalism and terrorism). Of unknown stress birds fall to the ground, flying in the wrong place to the whales beaching themselves, sharks are increasingly becoming cannibals …

My hands in 2003, got a lecture videotape Permyakova TN (Biorhythmology from Yekaterinburg) that in the biosphere are evolutionary change. Since 1980, the number of medical schools in the country were created departments biorhythmology. Biorhythmology information is as follows: "Prior to 1991, the electromagnetic system of the person while broke, but recovered. Then things got worse and worse — failure is not treated biorhythm Medications. "

Then I found the information that is really the intensity of the magnetic field of the Earth began to wane around 2000 years ago. Most of all his strength noted in the last 50 years. In 1994 began the magnetic field fluctuations — it was sharply weaker. Fact weakening of the magnetic field of the Earth around the poles set in 2002 by a French professor of geophysics Gauthier Hulot (Gauthier Hulot). The crust, which included many of ferromagnetic elements, "floated" in the weakening of the magnetic field — began motions of tectonic plates.

In order to support the energy of the planet in this situation are activated processes within the Earth (kernel related — volcanoes, earthquakes …) and the Solar System. Consequently, the frequency of the noise of the biosphere of the Earth began to grow — increasing the vibration of all life. Schumann Resonance (see atmospheric electrodynamics) — is quasi-static electromagnetic waves that are present between the Earth's surface and the lower layer of the ionosphere (the height of 55 km). This "harmonic" is most pronounced at a frequency of 7.8 hertz. In stable times at this frequency even calibrate the instrument. In May 1997, the resonance is detected at a frequency of 10 to 11 Hz, etc. — Frequency clearly "roll" to 13 hertz.

All compounded by the fact that the planet Earth in the solar system, high power output at a certain area of our galaxy (as the NASA specialists, the system "plunged" into hydrogen "bubble"). This area of high concentration of atomic hydrogen was fundamentally change the "energy order" of the development and interaction of the solar system. Thus, according to the official data of NASA (including, obtained with the space probe "Ulysses") and the Joint Institute of Geology and Mineralogy, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences:
— Power of the electromagnetic emission of Jupiter increased from the early 90's;
s in 2 times, and Neptune only in the late 90's — 30 times;
— Energy electromagnetic base frame solar system, which forms a bunch of Sun — Jupiter, increased 2-fold;
— Uranus, Neptune and Earth grow reaching the drift of the magnetic poles.

German scientists said that in a relatively short period of time over the Arctic ozone hole has formed giant, reports DW-ROSS. This phenomenon is caused by the extremely low temperatures in the upper atmosphere, which "corroded" ozone layer. The specialists note that the ozone hole appeared just a few weeks, resulting in destroyed half of the ozone layer over the Arctic. Scientists project that the ozone layer will continue if the conditions for its thinning will persist. THIS — cosmic phenomenon and human activities only made a contribution to this process. The planet is now "baring" on both sides — to a huge hole over Antarctica was added solid dent in the North Pole. Thus, the accelerating drift poles of our planet is part of global processes in the solar and galactic systems and have different effects on all phases of the development of the biosphere and of human activity.
Inversion: the nature of the phenomenon and the possible scenarios for the future of the planet

Earth's magnetic poles, the magnetic inversion poleyProtsessy in any self-regulating system with feedback, which is the planet Earth, have a wave nature. Accordingly, after falling to a minimum, the magnetic field starts to increase again. But the direction of the magnetic moment is reversed. Yes, such a thing in nature is and it is called geomagnetic reversals — a "reversal" (inversion of the sign of the magnetic field). Process is related to the reorientation of the planet's core. He did not extend over a millennium, to the middle of the XXI century, all stable, and possibly much earlier. That is, the inversion — a change of the magnetic moment of the opposite, where the North and South (magnetic) pole "switch."

First believed that the inversion are relatively rare. Last inversion to the group of professor of the Institute of Physics of the Earth of Peter G. was more than 700,000 years ago. For work "Geomagnetic cycles in the Earth's history," a group of scientists awarded the USSR State Prize. Were in the Earth's history and tour — a direct and intuitive movement of the poles. The last tour happened 3600 years ago, and the penultimate about 12.5 thousand years ago, when Atlantis was destroyed. Scientists, determining the age of geological methods lava formations and "read" the information stored in them paleomagnetic data, were able to reconstruct the history for certain magnetic field 3emli. They were surprised to reveal here that the change of poles — the phenomenon of non-periodic. Clearly lacked any systemic factors.

That all changed when Geophysicists magnitorazvedchiki found that instead of the complicated form of magnetic anomalies on the land, which varies greatly from area to area, oceanic magnetic anomalies in all the oceans have regular — systematic, leading to cyclical changes. The magnetic field of the oceans is a parallel lines with alternating directions of magnetization of rocks — it alternately coincide with the direction of modern magnetic field (direct magnetization), then into his opposite (reverse magnetization). The science of global plate tectonics allowed jointly paleomagnitologov and marine magnetic metristov create magnitohronologicheskuyu scale reversal of the geomagnetic field over 4 billion years.

Volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and earthquakes are factors which the magnetic field of the Earth. Dreadful calamities associated with the inversion, is constantly taking place in the Earth's geological history with regularity about 12 500 years! Atlantis is supposed to be just died in a shift of the magnetic poles of the Earth, which occurred about 12.5 thousand years ago — went under the water. Then came the Ice Age, and sharply, the temperature dropped to minus 100 degrees Celsius or less, which is testified by the mammoths with green grass in the stomach, as if some mammoth blown from the inside: the death of these animals from the cold was instantaneous!

According to the above trends, the magnetic poles of our planet may well change places — or rather, may change their signs. Or, reaching zero and switching (possibly repeatedly), the magnetic field will restore the same configuration of the poles, but it will have a completely different axis. Or the other option. Something too strongly activated planets in the solar system at first in a new space. Do not be surprised if the field inversion time inversion occurs poles of all the planets in our solar system. But I'm more inclined to think that now there is an option to "reset" the biosphere without changing poles (double change and +0- -0 +). The magnetic poles are now seeking to each other, the magnetic field lines are beginning to "get caught" — the magnetic field disappears. Near the coast of Brazil already has an anomalous "spot", which is more than 8 million square meters. miles — the so-called "South Atlantic anomaly." Above the no-fly zone, as the compass is not working, and refuse navigation devices. It was a Danish satellite to study Earth's magnetic field first in distress in the anomalous zone. And the "spot" is growing. Legends tell of indigenous day 3600 years ago, when the sun rose in the west, "poviselo" in the sky a little longer than a full day, and had gone to the east. But the next day it rose in the east and have come to the west — as it does to this day. Jewish tradition tells of the extraordinary events that took place during the battle. The Jews took this as a sign that one of the belligerents provided heavenly help, because that day lasted as long as it was necessary for the successful completion of the battle. That, is, according to ancient legend, the people continued to exist even after such events.

But how will that affect people's lives — you can imagine. Scientists can not find evidence of such facts is the inversion of geological data, as a period of 3600 years is too small to display.

All that we are free to guide the reasoning — it customs, legends and myths preserved in oral and written forms. And they tell of the gods of the earth in the body that are "down to earth" and "earth" Women are born from them the very real children. And the myths these "gods" were completely human passion. In light of this, we can assume that when the sign of the poles of the Earth and the direction of the magnetic moment vector of the planet ("reset"), some people will become gods (retain a genetic memory — respectively, knowledge), and a part — Aborigines without genetic memory (the memory will be erased.) At most positive people just survive its time. But the mermaid, amphibians, centaurs, sphinxes … — it seems our own ECHO genetic engineering. Already in Novosibirsk fragmented salmon DNA, disrupting the gene mechanism.

It seems INVERSION designed precisely to reload the information space of the biosphere (restructured) for Information limit. It will be a physical vacuum repolarization including and charge, manifested as a magnetic field. "And time will be no more," — said the apostle Paul. Earth in orbit for more than 4 billion years, therefore, the option of system factors "turn to dust and ashes," there is no-one and can only "complicate its structure."

Because humanity is part of the Planetary, then along with the planet he would also "complicate the structure" of his mind — and the other is not given. All of the modern UFO phenomenon, etc. are connected with the such while local, "restructured" space in the anomalous zones — with "bending" of space we see the information that was "written" in a previous civilization. Commonly observed with this fear is the result of a psychological reaction to the increased radiation background (breakdown of the biosphere). Science will study all of the above when E T O (so-called "doomsday") will occur, and now we can only rely on their intuition of Higher-order — Biologically organizes Gravity (God). , Supreme intuition impels people now seek salvation in previously hidden knowledge — God reveals them. More and more people come to God, but do not want to go further — sit, meditate and pray. Although, if you choose to search the web "of magnetic field", you can grab the head — the sea version of events.

Since the 90's of the last century until July 2002 geologists argued that the change of poles takes thousands of years. They then began to say, "Well, maybe it will happen for hundreds of years." But recent studies of ice core samples from Greenland and Antarctica show that the poles may shift over a decade.

Yes, it is now common knowledge. Change of poles write already respected scientific journals in America. That is, that the earth may lose all of the magnetic field, and scientists have been aware, and the leaders of several countries — the UN has long meditate around the world build a shelter. To a similar conclusion after processing of satellite data on the movement of magnetic fields for 20 years (1982 to 2002) came and the staff of the Paris Institute of Earth and Space Research Institute of Copenhagen.

Now imagine what can be uncovered with universal resonance restructured space and the biosphere as it passes through the "zero"? I believe that the whole world will see what are now seeing an "open mind" only psychics and not always, and pass things through the walls, and the guardian angels with wings, and "barabashek", and ghosts, and aliens from the "other worlds "… — Hallucinations and feelings of complete illusion!. Such was the case of resonance of the biosphere in the moment of Christ's death, the last full program of the Savior:

— "Torn Curtain in the temple in half and for a long time, this natural sensual impulse held, not removing one consciousness inside out: the phenomenon of the resurrection …".

"And the earth did quake, and the rocks were split, and the graves were opened and came out of the graves after his resurrection, and went into the holy city and appeared to many" (Matthew 27:51).

Deviances in restructured consciousness, even completely turn off, "bloom" on the background of modern communications, nuclear arsenals, gas, aviation, space stations … Are you impressed?

But still, in my opinion, the reversal of the magnetic field at this time may well be possible without the global cataclysms in the biosphere, as the maturity of mind living on the Earth is at a level sufficient to understand the situation and to take preventive measures. If humanity would take measures, the effect of the "reset" will be less disruptive, especially for the resonance of the biosphere.

Otherwise, why, then, the program SAVIOR our DNA we are all "re-educate" the last two decades? Even atheists have "feel God." This means that the person harmonious — as a kind of BOZHEE — can make a difference. No, of course, nothing in the world that can stop the self-regulation of the planetary system, but at the same time mitigating the bioresonance quite real. But there is no God-like people (harmonious, perfect) on Earth right now — neither Christian nor Muslim … — With complete balance of mind and intuition.

That is why all knowledge is given to all people at the same time about the possibilities of perception. Of these pieces of "knowledge" can be folded to a single plan of salvation, but no one not willing to — each broadcast "from their point of view." Already all humans KNOW intuitively that they will be punished for his sins, but the distorted notions of morality and ethics in the form of permissiveness and promiscuity lead mankind to the abyss — all packed with media information, corrupting the younger generation.

Well, to put the brakes on our planet of the solar system in any way, and we will again be covered by a flood of inertia of the oceans — less hassle. But the Bible makes it clear that, instead of the flood will be a trial by fire. Motion of the poles were always accompanied by natural disasters because of breakdowns in the geomagnetic protection from solar radiation and cosmic rays. Back in 1989, the people of Quebec (Canada) as a result of the solar winds broke through weak magnetic shield and caused heavy damage in networks, remained at 9:00 without a light.

At school, we know that the Earth's magnetic field in the first approximation is a dipole — bipolar permanent magnet. But apart from the main dipole planet has local magnetic anomalies are scattered unevenly across the surface (Canadian, Siberian, Brazilian, etc.), which allows them to "put off" by a provision of the poles.

Our dearest Earth — a self-regulatory system of the bio!

I believe that the inversion of the main dipole magnetic field of the earth will disappear, but instead it will be a much more complex picture of the set of "poles of the magnetic anomalies' scattered across the planet. Already, in these areas the magnetic field increases to the total — when the dipole is waning, the local fields are always worse! But then there are various options.

Complete surprise to scientists studying the life of the Earth, were the results of the analysis of the magnetic properties of a lava flow about a kilometer thick, izlivshegosya 16.2 million years ago and recently found in eastern Oregon desert. Her research, conducted by Rob Cowie of the University of California Santayfuz and Michel Privota the University of Montpelier, made a sensation in geophysics. The obtained results of the magnetic properties of volcanic rock is objectively demonstrated that the lower layer froze at one position of the pole, the core flow — if you move the pole, and, finally, the top layer — at the opposite pole. And it all happened in thirteen days!

Can occur and the displacement axis, but because there are better options, you should not go into this — in this case the people on Earth almost left. Working with human consciousness in the course of 2000 years of the program, "Savior" also excludes this option — all preparing for salvation.
The main thing. Results, the effects of the inversion of the magnetic poles


In the history of our planet for the last 76 million years of the Earth poles swapped a total of 171 times! This means that the restructuring of the information field of the Earth every 12.5 thousand years are not always completed a changing geographic poles. And this allows me to you CHANCE. Now there is a regulation on the entire system, with the reinforcement of solar radiation and cosmic rays — all the planets in the solar system as it is "ready" to inversion. But complete inversion can not be — it all depends on us. Mankind must be worthy of salvation aggression — "zero", Love — the maximum morality — right!

Salvation in reality — it's real salvation. We "homo sapiens" — people are reasonable. AND REASON gave us the same God.

In any version of events is inevitable instantaneous transition parameters of the magnetic field through the zero mark — "a thief" (moment) in Orthodoxy — and the resonance of the biosphere.

We must be ready for this (restructured, cleansing of information space, reboot … somehow name) to "a lamp always burning" — and this is in the Bible. I believe that the initial period of natural selection was as vice peaked — people on quality has been assessed. Due to existing circumstances of human survival and adaptation to environmental changes a person's potential to increase significantly — the ability of people to be limited by nothing but grow and responsibility. Do not give the Lord "monkey grenade!"

No money will pass to the "eternal life." Only a properly working ability (in the image and likeness of God — with balanced job hemispheres of the brain), supported by moral principles, will give impetus to the inclusion of redundant gene DNA. Of the brain to process information increase, death will not be programmed — it is eternal life.

This is not a fairy tale. In 2002, the "death genes" has been opened and the developers have received the Nobel Prize. Nature you only turn them off. Return will be more rigorous selection — "violators" of the laws of nature will quickly die and not have offspring, will "pull" for a whole race (selection by genotype). All the thoughts of a man will have a quick sale. It is very dangerous in this regard, have a negative thinking! If a person is their greed, greed, rage, anger, aggression, violence, immorality, fear, stress, emotions, depression, condemnation, persecution mania, sadness and other defects will not create the conditions necessary to switch to a new level of consciousness, you will lose all memory — it turns into a caveman, and will again go through the entire evolution.

Even now, with a low magnetic field, human biosystem can not cope with the processing of information signals and more cases of loss of memory. August 7, 2000 in TV programs A. Nevzorov was shown a lot of people dropped out of life, lost their memory and not remembering himself as a person. During the examination, under hypnosis, was installed, complete memory loss (amnesia) — a clean slate. The diagnosis of "amnesia" from one year to put doctors more often. People disappear without a trace, and then declared in a foreign city. Psychiatrists can not explain what has caused an increase in the number of such patients. Such cases are all over the world.

"- They do not remember anything from his life, do not recognize friends and even the closest relatives, including wives, children and parents. Memory is almost back to them over the years, and only the painful dreams of strange experiments conducted on them, do not give sleep at night, — said the head physician of Rybinsk psychiatric hospital Tatyana Morozova. — All this — ready to film the script, which is hard to believe. But only as long as they hit you with these people in person. So it was with me. Recently, the hospital received a strange young man. The feeling that his memory erased just like a formatted computer diskette. "

More and more will transport accidents for no apparent reason, on a flat strip, with full visibility, the driver was sober … There will be only one reason — a dream, but it's an instant "dream."

LIFE — it's a game! At zero magnetic field, mainly to judge our play will be a program of natural selection in nature — God (biologically organizes gravity). God grant that in a rehabilitation center, doctors also "passed out"! The result is something like a computer game. It is difficult to get to the next level, but if a player has reached the end did the first level, the next he is given the "New Life" and new opportunities — but the complexity of the game increases.

So we promised in the Bible, the Creator and the new earth and sky with a completely purified (restructured) after "zero" information field and a new body (100% self-healing organism on the biological level, the program of Healing).

Only love and harmony will save people — this space communications.

Here is a parable for clarity. Wickedness once befell the people — and the wrath of God has reached a limit. Creator sends to Earth to convey to the sage that he would come soon to punish people for their sins. People are afraid of anger Creator and stop sinning: no drinking, no adultery, no witchcraft, no gluttonize … — Remember the people the commandments of God and repent. No street noise, no screaming children, no smoke from the roofs … — Waiting for the people of the Last Judgment and praying. Several years passed, and again comes the sage. Sage looked at the desolation in the farms, the pale faces of the children, fear in the eyes of mothers, and people asked, "Why did not you bother, why there is no fire in the houses, why not cattle to pasture?" The people fell to his knees and prayed, "We live like this no longer can — it would be better really soon end." Sage looked surprised at the people and said: — "And for that to punish you — you do not sin anymore?". And he walked away.

In light of the above, people who have undergone "certification" programs DNA over the past two decades, fear is not end of the world — they will not be afraid, because they are protected by their internal and external nature. They may not notice shift "of the magnetic field, because it is supported by a radioactive isotope of potassium in the body (mainly in the bones) and is able to ensure the viability of the inertia of the body.

What about being in decline and to this day people and people read the Bible — something like "clank and gnashing of teeth." The man always chooses the path — or follow virtue, or remain in sin. Mortal sins, as energy-intensive habits are not allowed in the future. Would be no need to fear the "world rulers" and "financial sharks" because their fate will be even more dire. If there are, then God forbid they have time to repent before the world community for all that they conspired against him — sincerely need to repent publicly, to the world! The only way they will save their minds and consciousness of descendants from destruction because of selection in nature inherent in the genetic programs and do not cheat, and do not bribe.

"But there is a judgment of God, evil manifold …"

That inner fear unbalanced mind now makes a lot of running around the planet, writing such nonsense, and believe in it. Earth is in orbit more than one billion years old and has been on orbit for the simple reason that he was in the systems of higher order: Sunny, Galaxy Metagalaxy …

And for self-regulation in the cosmos everything: a powerful magnetic field of Jupiter, attracting asteroids (look closely at the asteroid belt in orbit of Jupiter — that's all for us katilo), every planet in our solar system not only rotates, and has a specific function in the system.

All Saved do not die, but they can see the other end of the world … and it's sad.
A bit of theory

From an educational school physics course, we know your inner "reactor" — in our body contains about 0.01 grams of the radioactive isotope of potassium 40/19 K, which decays at a rate of 4000 divisions per second. Potassium ions (and magnesium) are intracellular cations, created together with extracellular sodium ions (and chlorine), the potential of cell membranes (membranes). We know that if you disable the body consciousness "turned off" at once — until the "damped" biology, hence all the phenomena of near-death experiences. So that's our native radioactive potassium should be enough not only for the body but the mind to work with short-term disabling general biofield. What grated radish and hemorrhoids? Too late to drink herbal tea.

More penetrating solar radiation is absorbed and will be absorbed by the shortage of bodies inside, which is always supported and will support a cataclysm vitality. Disease triggered by radiation, are not cured by anything — it's broken at the gene level. Defective offspring is born. New research from scientists in London have shown that the female body there is a gene that is responsible for the emergence of alcohol dependence. Of the Royal College established that gene adeniladtsiklaza 7 type when disconnected increases cravings for alcoholic beverages in a few times — and here failed genes.

In 1989, scientists received the Nobel Prize for the discovery of a number of genes that are involved in the development of cancer. In 1993 he opened "split genes" that advanced the study of inherited diseases and some types of CANCER again. Science has not kept pace with mutations in Nature — pathogenic flora mutates rapidly. While vaccine invented, the virus mutates so that the vaccine becomes a breeding ground. Vaccination will be useless for damage to genes, and even very dangerous — especially for children. The race has already carries a lot of money and lives, and its rate increases. It is not scary — it is a reality.

Dr. Kiochi Nmakagava from Japan argues that many of the modern diseases are the result of "a deficit of a magnetic field." Modern medical scientists in practice returned to using magnets to treat mental illnesses — from depression to schizophrenia.

Beginning in 1995, transcranial (intracranial) magnetic stimulation (TMS) was used in hospitals in the United States, Europe and Australia, initially as an experimental method, and then as a normal medical procedure. The program Andrey Malakhov "Let Them Talk" on one channel aired the story, when the little boy could not diagnose and treat, either in Russia or in Germany, where it simply "gutted" for research.
What's next?

Our lives — in our hands. Many people are already at a high level of training, even without going into the theory — only on intuition. All man-made disasters of the new period will depend entirely on the human factor is very important what kind of person would sit behind the wheel, the button controls, remote control … or manage people — morally and physically healthy or not. I mean, who does not mind "off" or who do not "go to sleep" and not "hang".

Now "on stage" of life will come out healthy, in every sense of the word, the people and their actions will depend entirely on the organization of the passage of humanity through cataclysm. Energy will not "aim" — it will be the software "burn" sources of spiritual and moral pathology. For example, thousands of people could die from any cause (cataclysm, terrorism, collective psychosis …) at a rock concert at the same time with naked or gay musicians on stage, "out of phase" with the broadcast TV programs corrupting or meditation session in the "Center", a sect , community, spiritually isolated from other people. And kamikaze will act unmotivated listening "voice" flawed intelligence … Job extrasensory, shamanic practices, esoteric researches, divination … and the like, would be a very dangerous occupation in Transition: Memory open minded and "healer" and "patient" in the "moment" switch will be erased and "subscribers" will be "out of range". At best, the "fly and light bulbs and fuses." What will become of those who will be targeted to hate or corrupting another person, I do not even want to imagine — this is hell consciousness.

When normal people realize that they have become hostages of vices, then take decisive action — no one wants to ruin his family and the planet. People begin to study the Bible more deeply and to write in their notebook "adultery, sorcery, sodomy …" — on the full range of God's punishment. Such was the case in all disasters, first shouting about the end of the world, and then some for whom it comes …

In no time dying grandmother, grandfather, ill with a terrible disease mother dies father, and children are killed — and now do not have that kind on earth (genotype). The choice for mankind — or most die (with the hard version) or a minimum of casualties (in low bio-resonance).

The less aggression and cultivation defects in humans, the weaker will be resonance of the biosphere. Now while — just the opposite. Events in North Africa and the Middle East show that while unfolding a bad option. But the situation is not out of control consciousness of the people — even the best possible options for the future through the understanding and repentance, the union of our souls beyond dogmas and religions.

"Space Probe" Ulysses "was sent to the Sun, the European Space Agency and the agency NASA. One of his goals was to measure the magnetic field of the Sun. It flew over the south pole of the Sun in September 1994. When measuring the magnetic field of the sun's poles and equator noticeable difference values Physics was found. This means that the sun does not exist nor North or South Pole. Every day, protective cover, which protects humans from harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, becomes thinner (2-3% per day).

Rain is already in some places are a band level (60%) with the sign. Power of such a linear strike in the 6-8, and in some places, and 11 times more than a normal lightning. Hence the enormous increase in fire danger in the world. Changes the optical properties of the atmosphere (as a result of its physical and chemical quality). More and more frequent unusual aurora at low latitudes.

Devastating events, recorded in Japan, in the form of: the explosion earthquake + tsunami + radiation + … — it is also a consequence of the cosmic factors. This is a warning and a lesson to all who live on earth — it's time to be proactive! The reaction rate increases in the biosphere, and the inversion can occur much earlier than expected date (December 2012), the event is multivariant — The system continuously adjusts itself. If nothing is done, then the specified period exceeding mankind will have the occasion to curse God.

But if we are honest, truthful, considerate, caring and compassionate, you can prepare yourself for anything, no matter what happens in 2012 or in any other year in our future. Absolutely nothing built metal bins. They magnetic field will disappear for a long time before that. And not the fact that someone in the bunker is not "closed" mind, and he will not eat it all. The magnetic field is necessary for all living things.
Experiments with magnetic fields

U.S. researchers conducted an experiment: put mice in two chambers, one of which was surrounded by a strong metal shield that reduces tension in the earth's magnetic field hundreds of times. In another cell remained normal conditions. A few months later it was found that mice in a shielded room became infertile lyseli and died earlier than the controls. The same experiment was performed and Russian scientists under the direction of Nepomnyashchikh: mice were placed in the chamber, shielded from the magnetic field of the Earth. Within a day they began the expansion of tissues. These mice pups were born bald and grew sick. Physiologists have found in the adrenal glands are responsible for anti-stress mechanism, magnetite — magnetic mineral that "feeds" the terrestrial magnetism.

According to Russian research, when the astronauts were outside the Earth's geomagnetic field for more than two weeks, they are literally losing my mind. The same thing happened after the fall of Atlantis, when it plunged into the ocean — people lose their memory and go crazy. Earth's magnetism support our memory in a consistent state, and is directly linked to our emotions. In Russia, were later invented a small device attached to a belt that maintain normal electromagnetic field around the body when the astronaut is in space.

Gregg Braden — American scholar, said in his lectures, when American pilots were in space and looked down on the ground, they began to visit and a deep understanding of things and feelings of arousal and awareness that they, being on the ground, never before experienced. And for each of them it was their personal, special meaning.

There was a special broadcast on PBS (broadcaster Public Broadcasting Services, USA) recorded the same phenomenon with the astronauts — after flights are changed forever. After returning to Earth were the ones who did not know what to do with the experience of spaceflight. Many began to use alcohol and drugs. But some were able to make sense of the changes that have occurred to them, and use the new knowledge in a very positive, life approving projects.

It is obvious that there is a relationship between the mind and the magnetic field. In order to understand how the relationship between consciousness and the magnetic field, we compare this phenomenon to the computer memory. The electronic memory magnetic fields are maintained by electrical charges in the computer — the buffer to be recharged. Once the batteries sit in the computer, charging stops and the loss of memory. After that, we need to reload the operating system. Without this, nothing will be easy to keep existing schemes of magnetic interactions.

Each "isolated object" without positive relationships (emotional) within a unified whole of humanity will be perceived by the System as "cancerous cell" — a parasite program and destroyed the inclusion of self-liquidation (incurable disease). In light of this people's hearts to be open to "neighbor" and merged. "Love your neighbor" — not a relative, a friend, not a member of the community, sect, an organization of any kind … and any creatures, near the point of the universe (including alcoholic, homeless, drug addicts … — they are also "sources of information"). Many people now appear "irrational fears" — is the lack of energy at a probability "off" as they say — "slightly strangled."

Fortunetellers and prophets disingenuous: the future of the program have not been formed (and this is our chance) and so, the more they no one can "read." It is the absence of the program of the future in the minds of certain people pushing them to commit suicide — they lack the intuition of the Higher (faith) to cope with her temporary absence — NO reason to live!

And the last. In light of the need to restore the proper energy and information exchange in the human biosystem single whole-brain gravity must be balanced:

— so the logic of thinking certainly was friends with the game of imagination.

On the theme of balance, I'll talk to you later — it K L S W

This is — for the salvation of many.

We are all in the "same boat" — on Earth.

Author: Nadezhda

Category: The prophecies and predictions, visions and hypotheses

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