Investigators from Chechnya wanted by Russian fighter

Not so long ago in the press reported that Chechen investigators refer to the Ministry of Defence with the requirement to give a clear address and personal details of officers and conscripts soldier who took part in the elimination of militants during the first and second Chechen campaign. For the first time this fact told the newspaper "Free Press" is practically a few days after the murder of a former officer, a member of the war in Chechnya, Yuri Budanov. Press Service of the Republic of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, has confirmed information posted and more than all of the copies of the documents at the disposal of the publication deemed authentic.

Investigators from Chechnya wanted by Russian soldiers

The first mention of the request to the Ministry of Defence of the Investigative Committee of the Republic of Chechnya emerged immediately after the murder of Yuri Budanov, and considered as one of the versions of the murder. So namely Russian investigators have suggested that the murderer out on the ex-colonel assist law enforcement officials. As is clear after Budanov served his sentence for murder Chechen girl Elza Kungayeva about his whereabouts was clearly only a very narrow range. Such guesses about data on the location of the law enforcement officers were expressed after the murder of Anna Politkovskaya.

Copies of the documents mentioned above, the editor of "SP" gave an unknown person which preferred to remain incognito. Any of these documents was a inquiry on certain military or requirement to provide data on soldiers who were on duty at a specific location. The request specified that the Investigation Department of the Republic Chechnya requests the transfer of all personal data designated personnel, including addresses today's residence, marital status, place of employment. The press service of the republic of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov explained to that all information requested investigators need to conduct investigations into war crimes during the first and second Chechen campaign. Ramzan Kadyrov's position in the federal law enforcement agencies to support shall be removed and requests for the transfer of personal data being ignored. Chechen investigators receiving their requests for waivers of claim outright sabotage by the Ministry of Defence of the investigation and identification of involvement in war crimes.

But the question arises, why, after so many years of Investigation Committee Chechnya suddenly so much interested in military atrocities? For the most part it resembles not legitimate acts as an attempt to execution of the Russian armed forces, which are now blamed for the sins of war. At the same time on the same area Chechnya continue to thrive banditry and full-scale training of terrorists, but that local detectives behold the just, they do not curious.

Russian soldiers in Chechnya does not excuse the flowers were harvested, and participated in the war, ruthless, bloody, brutal war. And those with whom they have fought wars were not peaceful and innocent citizens, and specially prepared and fairly financed the rebels and not only representatives of the Chechnya, and the fighters from many countries.

Now the Chechen law enforcement officers can read as many of his own devotion to the law, but for the most part it resembles the work of snipers during the war (in the main ladies), which for the killed Russian officer sought 600 U.S. dollars.

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