Journalist Leonid Shahs — the fact that it is impossible to forgive the politicians

Everybody does it, yes. All politicians do it: one in saunas / baths, others — in strip-klubah/otelyah, and others — in the offices of irregularly shaped, oval, for example. And let the first of the men throw a stone Leonid Volkov, who was not jealous of Clinton and Berlusconi, who has not cheated on his wife with a lover, or both at once. All were there. All liars. And we do not read each other morals.


But after reading! If you do not lie and do not steal, if you go to the highly spiritual manner "rukopozhatnyh"-not in question, whether it is proved in court theft Navalny Kirov forest or not. In his open letters many letters that bothered adviser does not only good for the budget alone and without poor Kirov region.

Yes, the court engaged by, yes, the evidence in the investigation so so. But we're about morality ..

Pehtin did not declare an apartment in Miami. Navalny — a company in Montenegro. Nothing of each other no different. Bulk only just beginning. And generally begin with Montenegro. And with strip clubs. In this Pehtin not teach anyone to live honestly, to pay taxes on time and save energy. Navalny — accuses one, teach others. In this case, says: I am the same as you. Of Marino. But our people in the bakery on the taxi ride. Our people do not wear a purse annual pension. In our Marino such salaries that go to a strip club with them can only be on the other side, to the service.

By the way, with the company in Montenegro is the same story as with the club. It is also — and this, too — do everything. Navalny is quite clear to me a desire to settle on the coast. The question again is not whether it is good or bad. Lying is not necessary. White lie (from jail) and you can understand and justify. In the case of a company in Montenegro prison did not smell.

Fresh Viktor Shenderovich opened today in the fact that not everyone you meet hand hands down. Disgust. For the reputation of fear. Seleznev, writes, for example, would never filed. Gennady Seleznev — is a former chairman of the State Duma, if forgotten. That's fair, I do not remember what kind of a pig placed a speaker satirist, or a pig. Vegetarian, what to look for among the Communists needed. Not solid Iskrovites, frankly. And now — here you are — with him, with Seleznev, Shenderovich no jug, and after the Nazi Navalny is being charged. Ah, yes, a nationalist, not a Nazi! Sorry.

Bulk some name-calling — "black … mi", others — "Huron", does not hide and do not want to hide away their non-vegetarian ideals, and they pretend that this is precisely the present policy and that this is and should be a real politician. Or say about it — then. When the win.

Guys, who's lying — he did not win. Sadly, that Shenderovich argues with Vishnevsky other, trying to persuade rather still not them, and himself, that is not so bad Navalny as he is painted. Listen, do not you quoted me just now Pastor Niemöller? And did not we read aloud together Solzhenitsyn? After all, it was just there. We studied together he can not live a lie, that is not to lie and steal. What is today's changed? I just do not recognize you in this make-up …

Again, Volkov, Bulk, Mitrokhin, anyone, even himself a Communist, Ivan Melnikov can arbitrarily pushing for pubs and the women. Exclusively to them. And their families. If only in love prostitutes were not recognized. Not because I made. And because it's not true …

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