Judge: The Russian reactor never tried

Today in Minsk met Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko. During the meeting heard a number of statements and opinions.

During a meeting with Alexander Lukashenko, Vladimir Putin said that "the level of security at the Belarusian nuclear power plant will be significantly higher than in Japan." On He said, Japan's reactors are American 40-year-old. "We're talking about a very new technology," said the Russian prime minister.

Yuri Voronezhtsev

Member of the organizing committee of the movement "Scientists — for a nuclear-free Belarus" Yuri Voronezhtsev the USSR Supreme Soviet of the last convocation was the executive secretary of the Chernobyl parliamentary committee. Since then, he still deals with problems of nuclear power plants:

"Putin can not know how well the reactor, he gives us. Since the reactor, which is going to put on our station, never tested. He has not worked at the same station for a single hour. Argue about the reliability of the reactor can be used only if a nuclear power plant on some of these reactors will work for several decades. And only then can be say they are the best Japanese or Japanese worse. "

If Putin and Lukashenko discussed bilateral Russian-Belarusian relations, the head of state noted that "under the economic issues we are not there." But Russian Prime Minister appreciated 2010 as "good for the development of the Belarusian-Russian economic ties. Turnover grew by 19% to 28.5 billion dollars."

Leonid Zaika

The head of the analytical center "Strategy" Leonid Zaika Alexander Lukashenko surprised saying that there is no problem:

"Belarus has absolutely record negative balance in trade with Russia. It reached almost $ 10 billion. Belarusian ruble staggered so that he will not believe the bankers. Urgent monetary injections. "

Belarusian economist commented on the figures, which are now called Vladimir Putin:

"The fact that trade with Russia increased by 19%, it is due to an increase in prices. For example, food prices last year rose by 17%. And it turns out that the meeting today is uninteresting. Belarus has stopped at some stage unclear liberalization. Russia is reaping the benefits of high oil prices. Therefore, this meeting does not give anything to anyone. Except for one thing — to ask Russia dollars. "


Russia, nuclear power plant

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