Judgment Day

Scientists around the world are aware of the upcoming change of the poles of the planet Earth. This event is expected during the parade of planets, when all the planets line up in a line, and then they separate and form a tunnel that will easily boost the amendments from the Sun to Earth.

That is what will help catalyze other processes. Expected quantum transition, the change of the poles, the change in slope of axes of rotation and other parameters of the solar system planets.

Many scientists believe that the Earth in the next few years actually expect unprecedented natural disasters. Symptoms for many. The nature of the Earth behaves like a living creature, licking their wounds to her humanity. After all, people do behave aggressively towards nature. Markedly more frequent disasters, earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, hurricanes, and more — these signs clearly indicate that the earth rebels.

If you follow the Russian philosophers "cosmists" KE Tsiolkovsky, VI Vernadsky and others admit that our Earth does not develop on the mechanical and the biological laws and has a mind, it is clear that sooner or later from the predatory activities of people, it will defend itself. And in order to throw off everything that annoys her (ie, refresh and cleanse all their surface), it is necessary to go through the aggravation, otherwise — catharsis.

Healing catharsis

The very notion of catharsis, in fact, is synonymous with Armageddon and the Apocalypse, which is written in the Revelation of John.
According to the teachings of Aristotle, catharsis — a cleansing through tragedy, after peaks of all external and internal conflicts, as in the Greek religious healing — the release of the body from any harmful substance, and the "soul" of "pollution" and painful emotions.

So cathartic — aggravation, leading to renewal of modern civilization — could become a process of polarization reversal of the magnetic poles of the Earth. And interestingly, that the Earth is "waiting rollover, sudden inversion of the Earth's poles, which were suddenly reversed," wrote the famous seer Fulcanelli.

But as the memory of modern civilization has never been a change of the poles of the Earth, even serious scientists carefully study ancient manuscripts and texts of the Bible, hoping in the descriptions of the Flood and the revelations of the apostles and prophets, and find clues to predict the events in the current approach of large-scale phenomena, which is called Ragnarok, it is Doomsday. Day start and end! Hyperspace in the fourth dimension. For mortals it is death, but for the gods — birth. End of the world for the dark and the end of darkness to light.

Geomagnetic field

Scientists say that global space quantum leap, which entered Earth will reach its peak in about 2012. Notorious date December 21, 2012, not only the Mayan priests, but many have been linked to the "end of the world."

To change the axis of the Earth rotation is not a disaster, but modern civilization, in this case received a serious blow. Because earthquakes occur throughout the force 9 on the Richter scale, will be held on tsunamis, hurricanes, climate change on Earth, the oceans will rise … consequences are unpredictable.

Earth's magnetic field began to wane around 2000 years ago, a sharp drop in its intensity was observed 500 years ago, which has accelerated in the last 50 years, and in 1994 began his powerful fluctuations. South Magnetic Pole is shifted to hundreds, then thousands of kilometers from its standard location.

There is a so-called frequency noise — it waves emanating from the planet ("heartbeat" — the rhythm of the earth) with a specific frequency 7.8 Hz. It was so stable for a long time that the military set up their instruments on it. However, this rate started to increase: in 1994, she was equal to 8.6 Hz, in 1999 — 11.2, and at the end of 2000 — about 12 Hertz. It is assumed that when the frequency of the noise reaches 13 Hz, there is a change of the poles. By this time, one must clear his mind of pragmatism, to increase the frequency of vibration of your thoughts, then the coming changes will be salutary for him.

"Not all of us will die, but that changed"

This prophecy belongs to Paul and is surprisingly consonant assumption of scholars that predict not only the repolarization of the magnetic poles of the Earth, but also the associated unprecedented changes.
EH Universal — Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, the International Academy of Sciences of Nature and Society, winner of the prize. Vernadsky made a presentation at the international conference "Traditional Medicine Russia — Past. Present. The future. "

In particular, he says that "in the time of the change of the poles of the planet Earth will temporarily disable the electromagnetic field of the planet and therefore the destruction of energy will field of the planet, which contains all the information stored in our civilization and beliefs. And since the memory of man and machines are due to the electromagnetic field of the Earth, at the time of such a reversal will erase the memory of a person's identity. Human memory (whether he is a businessman, politician, thief, thug or academic) will be erased, ie will be a "clean sheet of paper", in memory of a newborn baby.

Energy field of the planet, which has accumulated all the thoughts and living before living people, all the pain and suffering, all the errors and mistakes will be erased. The aura of the planet and the people will be cleared.
The same will happen and wipe with all computers and computer software programs on the media for all computers in the world. This is a serious problem and a threat to the life of humans because of the failure of computers that control the military installations and nuclear power plants.

But not all people will lose their memory. Those in whom the oldest active, fundamental, relict of the brain and pituitary gland, those who, in Bible language, awakened spiritually, who is pure soul and does not think evil, they will remain in the mind.

Armageddon is happening

Noosphere, surrounding the earth, in the language of the Bible is called the "prince of this world, which embraces the whole world." Changes will be in first place for her. It is, in all likelihood, will be the decisive battle of the forces of light and the forces of darkness.

The report of the Universal said: "The map of the world in a few years will be transformed beyond recognition. Global changes affect almost all corners of the planet, where for thousands of years have accumulated multilayer formation of destructive energy. From the fiery light of transformation can not save no money, no power, no underground bunkers, but only spiritually. In the new world can not be transformed to penetrate the consciousness of the low or on contracts or for a fee. Some people do not realize that it is the very end of the world — Armageddon, which is already happening. Indeed, the process of changing the poles of our planet by the year 2000. "

Separate the grains from the chaff

Ecumenical said at the end of his report: "Working hours spiritual potential is now the main task of improving — the basic principle of the universe. Compassion for others, love for one's neighbor — you need to own perfection. Do not aspire to wealth, this is ridiculous when deciding the fate of mankind. Pragmatism, greed, aggression, depression, corruption are the main obstacle to the development of the spiritual potential of the people, because it is thought, in the end, will determine our destiny.
The man with the baser aspirations will be dropped back into the development. He completely lost his memory, become a cave man, and will be again held its evolution.

The new man will be beautiful ideal beauty. All the people who will be the transmutation will be young. People will open extraordinary abilities and talents, which now have only a few. The main acting force for the sixth race will be the energy of the mind, with which he will manage the matter and change it. Be sure to save the male and female, for they are eternal. Personal attachments will be, but they will rise to another level. Contacts on intimate terms remain. Each person will have the opportunity to find their true half. Each will receive the fate they deserve. "

"Secrets of the twentieth century. Gold Series"

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