Kazakhstan asks Russia to process the locust border areas

The Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan called on Russian colleagues to implement treatment of border areas of locusts, a press release of the Kazakhstan Ministry.

"By coming to the border regions of Kazakhstan to data from the Russian side processing is inadequate and slow pace. For this reason, most grasshoppers are winged stage, and already have been instances of mass aerial on the territory of Kazakhstan. Therefore, the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan sent notification letter to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation on the need for urgent action on the processing of border areas from the Russian side, "- said the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan.

According to him, the Asiatic locust appeared in Orenburg region bordering areas: in the area Irgiz Aktobe region — up to 700 km of the Russian border and in Zhangaly district of West Kazakhstan region, where the Russian border 550 kilometers.

"Chemical treatments in these areas have been completed. Given this, aerial Asiatic locust to Russia from Kazakhstan could not be" — say in the national Ministry of Agriculture.

RIA Novosti has not yet commented Agriculture Ministry.

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