KGB mentioned Svetlana Naumova's funeral

The site KGB published record of the search at the apartment
analyst Svetlana Naumova, who died March 10 after a long illness.

The report said the KGB that "the information that is spread by the death of one of the leaders of the civil campaign" Tell the Truth! "Svetlana Naumova on illegal and inhumane actions of the KGB, is slanderous and provocative."

KGB claims that during the search of her apartment, the money not skanfiskovvalisya, confirming the appropriate protocol from 4 January 2011, drawn up in the presence of witnesses.

Also KGB znyapravzhvae information that allegedly Svetlana Naumova had to come in for questioning by the KGB, in spite of his illness.

"Given the nature of her health, investigations were carried out in health care with doctors' permission. Recent evidence has provided investigators Naumova February 18 to a residence in the presence of relatives. Groundless and are saying in the media that by the KGB were organized obstacles presence at the funeral of the deceased members of the leadership of the civil campaign "Tell the Truth!", — according to the website KGB.

According to the KGB, the investigations concerning Andrei Dmitriev, scheduled for 13 hours on March 12, in view of its application to participate in the funeral ceremony was postponed to 9:00. However, due to the absence of one of the lawyers in this day investigations were carried out.

According to the KGB, the official request from Vladimir Neklyaeva, which is now is under house arrest, changes in him a measure of restraint in connection with the burial of Svetlana Naumova has been reported.

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