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North-West Europe and North America be a sudden chill. In coming years, the average annual temperature in the UK, France and the U.S. will fall by 3-4 degrees. Scientists believe that the reason for this, strangely enough, it was global warming.

Observations of the Atlantic Gulf Stream showed that over the last 12 years of his power decreased threefold. This means that in the next decade warm Europe face serious climate change. Winter, there will be no warmer than, for example, in Ryazan.

Slowing of the Gulf Stream are explained and strong winds that blow over the past few years on the north-west coast of Europe, and the current snow, filled the Old World at the beginning of this winter. It seems that we are already seeing the first acts of environmental catastrophe. The European Union and the governments of other, non-European, countries have already started to calculate what they do oboydetsya.Pri account that the average annual temperature in Europe will fall by 3-4 degrees, the overall EU economy will lose about fifty billion euros a year.

Only addresses with snowfall will allocate an additional 25 million euros — pretends director of the Paris School of Economics Etienne Bobeni.
Even worse will the U.S.. This year they have already spent $ 55 million for Hurricane Katrina. Given that the Gulf Stream slowing beneficial influence on the formation of new, more intense hurricanes, not less money they now have to spend annually.

All this will lead to the fact that the price of oil and other energy sources will increase to $ 200 per barrel. Accordingly, the dollar and the euro against other currencies will fall — predicts Professor, PhD, director of global research laboratory AEN Eugene Belyankin. — I think it will accelerate the emergence of a single Asian currency like the euro. It was she who would be the hardest currency of the world.

According to Professor Belyankina, Russia, the Gulf Stream slowdown threatens not so much. While Europe will freeze, we will have to warm up. Presumably by the same 3-4 degrees.
— This will give good economic growth to our agriculture, — says Evgeny Osipovich. — And besides, the holiday season in the Krasnodar region will increase by a total of a month. Beach season in the Black Sea will continue from early May to mid-October.


Gulf Stream creates the current climate in the British Isles and northern Europe. This powerful Atlantic current brings warm equatorial water almost to the Arctic Circle.
Moving north, heated water in the southern latitudes gives heat. Over time, it cools and becomes colder north, the deeper layers of the ocean water. Gave up its heat to Europe ocean waters move down and start the reverse movement to the tropics. In the south, cold streams heated again and again sent to the north. This constant movement of layers of warm and cold water circulating between the north and the south, called the "ocean conveyor belt". Thanks to him, Europe and the UK still had a fairly mild climate, and their average annual temperature did not fall below 10 degrees Celsius.

What happened

According to scientists, the general slowdown in the Gulf Stream caused by global warming on Earth. "Cap" of the South and North poles began to melt rapidly, because of this constant desalinate ocean water and cool down. Less dense fresh water remains on the surface and makes it difficult to move down the colder layers of water. Every day, the balance of warm and cold water breaks all the stronger. And the Gulf Stream is not able to deliver the heat from the tropics to the shores of Europe. "Ocean conveyor" haywire.

This situation invariably lead to significant cooling in Europe. In addition, scientists believe that the dramatic increase in recent years, the number of hurricanes and tornadoes in the U.S. is slowing down due to the Gulf Stream. The Pentagon has released a report stating that the number will continue to increase. But the worst thing that when a power Gulf Stream by 20 percent the average wind speed in the world will increase by 24 km / h

Volcano in Antarctica

The last stop of the Gulf Stream occurred 8200 years ago and was followed by an ice age of about one hundred years. At this time, Northern Europe was covered with ice vosmisotmetrovym, and the region from New York to Los Angeles was the same as now Chukotka.

Under the ice "cap" in Antarctica, scientists have discovered an active volcano that spews lava beneath the ice shelves. Because of its activity three years ago broke the Larsen ice shelf "A" of 1,300 square meters. km. And last year, broke the Larsen ice "B" size is 2850 square kilometers of ice. As a result of calving sea levels rose by nearly 2.5 cm when it happened, scientists could not believe it. The most interesting is that in the Larsen Ice is Ronne Ice Shelf — an enormous block of ice, going deep into the Antarctic for several miles. If he did secede, the sea level will rise by 5-6 meters. This will be enough for the world to say goodbye forever to the Netherlands and Bangladesh, and Russia — from St. Petersburg.

According to scientists, if as a result of global warming will complete melting of the polar ice, the sea levels will rise by 60 meters. In this case, all the port cities of the planet will become submerged.

Combat global warming may soon take on Vladimir Putin. He now carefully studying the method proposed by the Director of the Institute of Global Climate and Ecology Yury Izrael. Its essence is that the curtain planet from the sun, spraying into the stratosphere — 12 — 20 kilometers above the earth — an aerosol that absorb sunlight. Academician estimated that 600,000 tons of spray aerosol particles produced by burning sulfur, stop global warming for decades. The approximate cost of the project over a billion dollars.
Foreign scientists consider the idea of Yisrael madness and claim that by applying it, we get the effect of a nuclear winter.

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