Kuzbass authorities decide on compensation for victims of hail

Kuzbass governor Aman Tuleyev ordered the creation of a special commission, which will evaluate the damage caused to their homes and cars to large hail and toe Mezhdurechensk, said Wednesday the administration of the Kemerovo region.

Large hail passed on Tuesday night in the south of the Kemerovo region. Eyewitnesses of Mezhdurechensk Myskov and reported that the size of hailstones was a hen's egg, and up to five inches in diameter. Sought medical treatment 21 people. Among them were children and adults with various injuries, including a concussion. According to the regional MOI, affecting more than 100 cars, and the statements from the victims continue to arrive. After a half hour after the revelry of elements in Mezhdurechensk toe and hail was in the village Sheregesh Tashtagol, but its effects have been so devastating. Size hail, according to witnesses, reached two centimeters in diameter.

"Estimates of the damage element of material damage and providing real help will be engaged in two specially created regional commission. First Commission will decide on compensation to citizens who have suffered at home. And the second — on compensation motorists whose cars were not insured," — said in a statement.

The administration added that the long compensation should write an application to the governor and give it to the bodies of social protection in the community.

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