Land will be left without birdsong

Birds are dying not only because of climate change, but also because of human activities.
Environmental degradation in the world will lead to tragic consequences. Already started to disappear, many species of birds. The main causes of extinction of birds researchers call not only climate change and disease, but also the human factor. In South Asia has almost gone many species scavengers. They die from poisoning by drugs that farmers feed cattle.
Biologists Lindsay Oaks and Richard Watson of the World Center of Birds of Prey (USA) are a persistent struggle, trying to keep the population of vultures in Asia. They argue that the main cause of extinction of unique species such as the Indian vulture and African white-sided neck, are the actions of farmers in India, Pakistan and Nepal. If cattle starts to hurt, they give him a big dose of diclofenac, an anti-inflammatory drug.

Vultures feed on corpses, not only wildlife, but also domestic. Therefore, diclofenac ingested by birds and causes terrible diseases that their immune system is not able to handle. He often leads to internal bleeding, and the birds are dying in agony.

Authorities in India, Nepal and Pakistan have already adopted the 2006 law banning the use of diclofenac for veterinary purposes, but tangible results it has brought. Five years later, the population of vultures and vultures did not increase, but rather continues to decline an alarming rate because ranchers using the drug illegally.

"The inability to fight infection diclofenac lead to disastrous consequences. These birds millennia helped curb infection and maintain the ecosystem in balance" — the scientists warned.

The researchers also noted that the extinction of birds, mainly reflected in the man. Stervayatniki have an important role fighters with pests and scavengers, eating dead bodies, they prevent the spread of disease. If scavengers die, these functions will perform the dog and rat. The danger lies in the fact that they are in close contact with the person. Therefore, such a change in the ecosystem can lead to epidemics of various diseases such as bubonic plague and rabies.

The problem of extinction of birds began to speak in the early 2000s. According to the forecasts of ornithologists Stendforskogo University, our descendants will have less than 100 years will be able to see some of the known birds only in pictures.

In the study, experts studied nearly 10 thousand currently available and 130 extinct bird species by analyzing their prevalence, ecological functions and life cycle. Then, using a computer program they modeled different scenarios of events in the future.

Scientists came to a disappointing conclusion: in 2100 from 6% to 10% of present-day birds disappear, even from 7% to 25% "functionally extinct", that is either no longer live in the wild, or not play a significant role in the ecosystem .

Christopher Kiba from the Free University of Berlin and environmentalist Franz Holker especially emphasize the role of man in this terrible process. For example, street lighting greatly affects the reduction of the population of birds.

One small billboard leads to the death of about 350 thousand insects per year. A decrease in their population could disrupt the food chain, which threatens this environmental disaster, as the birds, and even some kinds of animals simply have nothing to eat. Besides bright glow cities knocked out of their way when they fly south. Birds die of cold and hunger, because they can not find the correct route.

Denis Vinogradov

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