Lightning struck the Cathedral of St. Peter in the Vatican with Pope abdication. Video

The Vatican news of the imminent abdication current Pope Benedict XVI marked the mysterious natural phenomenon. Local residents confirmed that on February 11, shortly after the Pope's statement about the impending retirement, played out in a thunderstorm. During bad weather struck by lightning in the Basilica of St. Peter, reports BBC News.

Some of the believers saw in God's sign of lightning. The news that Benedict XVI is going to leave the Holy See, has caused excitement among Catholics. Some speculate that the reason for the split will be the renunciation of the church, as it was 600 years ago — after the resignation of Gregory XII. Others believe the ominous prophecy Irish bishop XII century St. Malachi, according to which the successor Benedict XVI is the last pope in history.

Formal renunciation of the Pope happens February 28 at 20:00 pm local time. Benedict XVI is now 85 years old. The head of the Catholic Church, he was in April 2005, succeeding John Paul II, who held the post for about 27 years. At the time of the election of Pope Benedict XVI was the most senior since Pope Clement XII.

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