Lukashenko does not want to teach for the Belarusian propaganda in Russia, millions of dollars

In Minsk, Alexander Lukashenko began meeting with the heads of a number of Russian print and electronic media. In the working residence of the head of Belarus were invited editors of 11 newspapers, magazines and radio stations — newspaper "Pravda", "Tomorrow", "Vedomosti", "Literary Gazette," magazines "contemporary", "Russia Today", "Country Life" and as regional editions — "St. Petersburg Vedomosti", "Smolensk newspaper", "Kaliningrad's true."

Addressing journalists, Lukashenko said, he wants see from the Russian media "more objective" when they present the information about Belarus and the Belarusian-Russian relations: "The situation is peculiar, to say the least — said Lukashenko. — We would like to Russian media objectively conveyed to the Russians, what's going on in our relationship. "

However, he regretted that if Belarus coverage of all the main Russian TV channels, the only satellite channel "Belarus-TV" gets very difficult in Russia. And an example that Moscow has asked for the ability to display 25 million dollars, and also put forward a number of other conditions. Since the regions of Russia, Lukashenko said, simply: where people are able to watch news broadcasts from Belarus and see point of view, an alternative to the one advocated by the main Russian TV channels.

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