Make out the entrance to the garden is beautiful

Garden for the gardener — is something of a temple, which he attends to escape from everyday worries and get positive emotions. Naturally, the entrance is to be recorded properly. 

It is normally in the garden consists of three main elements — the gate, which can be a gate or door, the track that leads from the entrance to the house before this gate and the front door of the house itself. To create a positive atmosphere, all these elements have to be designed in the same style and fit in the overall landscape design and garden infield.

For example, if the garden is fenced by a wooden fence, the gate is also necessary to install wood. And artistic carving, inlay or delicate networks combined with carved wooden columns only accentuate garden idyll.

In addition, the wooden gate would look good as an addition to the brick fence. In this case, next to her as it is desirable to place decorative wooden or brick columns. In addition to the tree to a fence in the same suit openwork forged gate.

In the event that the perimeter of the garden fence or site set in a folk style of "country", the door to it should be presented as a prisoner in a wooden frame Funny combination rods. However, for such a good fit wattle fence wooden gate decorated with original pattern.

On the other hand, the presence at the site of a hedge of bushes or low trees involves the installation at the entrance to the garden gate of graceful thin metal rods, which gave to the overall design of a sense of lightness and transparency.

The next element of design inputs — a path between the gate and the porch of the house. It is desirable to lay it on the shortest path — straight or as curves of the landscape. The last option will look very attractive. Furthermore, according to feng shui smooth curves track attracted to the house more energy and make the atmosphere of the whole area more favorable for people.

Material such track can be anything. For example, it can pave stone, tiles, gravel or sand. For hard rock soils suitable even normal sowing grass paths. The main thing that it is wide enough for two people to pass a number of cars or the load. You should also pay attention to the fact that the garden path was practical — that is, was not slippery and had sharp edges.

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