March 19 — six years of prayers for the return of St. Joseph's Church

March 19 marks the Day of the Catholic Church of St. Joseph — elect the Holy Virgin Mary. On the Occasion of the church near the young believers will hold two prayer event. At St. Joseph's Day on March 19 also marks six years of prayer for the return of church believers that occur daily on the steps of the temple.

For the return of St. Joseph's Church and Bernardine Monastery Minsk Catholics began to fight six years ago — March 19, 2005. All these years every night they come to church to pray on the steps of the building. During the first actions of the people came to the city manager with a promise to solve the problem. However, to date no concrete steps on the part of the authorities there. But believers are not going to give up, says one of the active participants in the prayers Anna Siuchyk:

"Yes, people are set to go on fighting. I know, people fasting once a week in this intention and pray. After all, God — above all, above all temporal power. So we hope for his mercy and his help. We believe that we will win this fight with it. "

In the Bernardine monastery.

With the permission of city authorities in Minsk monastic buildings now transformed into a hotel-entertainment kompleks.Tut will be a hotel, restaurant, leisure center and underground garages.

Stop the restructuring of the church into an entertainment center of the Ministry of Culture requires not only believers, but also non-governmental organizations, including the Public Committee "The spiritual heart of Minsk." The members of the committee consider the task of protecting the architectural and spiritual heritage of the capital. This work, as well as plans of holiday representative committee reports Irina Gubskaya:

"Around the church of the Holy shares held two prayer — that prayer, not the public. Also, two months ago, we sent a statement to all state agencies and won some of the answers that contradict each other. It is obvious that the authorities did not want to give up the shrine. But we will not stop fighting because we believe that the church should belong to the believers and there is no argument why there should be a hotel. "

The position of the Catholic Church on the issue vyaratnnya St. Joseph's Church and Monastery berdardyntsav expressed Metropolitan of Minsk and Mogilev Kondrusiewicz. Kondrusiewicz said earlier that appealed to the authorities to stop the destruction of the temple.

Do not intend to give up the fight for historical, cultural and spiritual heritage and activists created the Belarusian Christian Democracy party.

One of the leaders of the party Vitaly Rymashevski"Despite the fact that the primary objective for us is the release of political prisoners, including one of the leaders of our party Sevyarinets Paul — all will be aimed at ensuring that its support to prepare for the courts — but also the Church of St. Joseph, his advocacy for the BCD will be one of the priorities for the near future. "

Paul Seviarynets and Vitaly Rymashevski (left) shares a prayer at the Church of St. Joseph.

St. Joseph's Church and the Order of the Bernardine Monastery in Minsk was founded in the XVII century. They were part of a monastic complex where she worked in various elementary school, a school of philosophy, a library and a half thousand volumes. In 1863, Bernardine monks supported the uprising led by Kalinouski. After the suppression of the uprising by the order Muraveva-hangman all the monks were forcibly evicted in Mogilev, and the monastery is closed. In the church for a while was an Orthodox church, and in 1872 it was rebuilt for the archive. Today, it houses the archive of scientific and technical documentation, as well as an archive of literature and art of Belarus.


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