Marilyn Monroe was killed by aliens?


Actress died two days after it had promised to tell you about the contacts of U.S. President John F. Kennedy with aliens

August 5, 1962 was not Marilyn Monroe. At the conclusion of doctors, she died from an overdose of sleeping pills — committed suicide. But many believe that the security forces have killed actress — poisoned by faking a suicide. And most of all, because of its relationship with the U.S. President John F. Kennedy.

After more than 30 years, this version has a fantastic reinforcement. In 1994, the private detective Milo Spirilo, who wrote three books about the mystery of the death of Marilyn Monroe, received from an unknown well-wisher bad photocopy of an official document, dated August 3, 1962, equipped with a stamped "Top Secret" and the reference to the project "Moondust". It came from the CIA and contained a report about the telephone conversations of journalist Dorothy Kilgallen and her close friend, Howard Rothberg, as well as Marilyn Monroe and Attorney General Robert Kennedy.

Among other things, the report of the tapping was this: "… Rothberg glibly claimed that she (Marilyn Monroe) threatened to give out the secrets which have become known in its relationship with the President and the Minister of Justice. One of the mysteries — the visit of the President of the secret air base for the purpose of inspection of extraterrestrial objects. At this Kilgallen said, she knew what would be involved … of secret activities undertaken jointly by the British and American Governments to examine the origin of the crashed spacecraft and dead aliens. Kilgallen believes that this story could lead to the beginning of the events in the state of New Mexico in the late 40's. If the story is accurate, it could have dire consequences for Jack (John F. Kennedy) and his plans for NASA space missions to the moon.

…Subject (Marilyn Monroe) has threatened to organize a press conference and tell the whole story …

The document is signed by one James Angleton.

August 5, 1962, two days later, Marilyn Monroe was found dead.

"The report of the CIA" about the wiretapping Marilyn Monroe looks like a declassified archival document.

At first glance it seems a genuine document, — says Michael Gerstein, chairman of the commission UFO Russian Geographical Society. — Howard Rothberg, antiques dealer, had a shop on 3rd Avenue in the prestigious area of New York. And really had long been familiar with Marilyn Monroe and Dorothy Kilgallen, who was considered one of the best reporters. The presumed author of the document, James Angleton, in 1963, he was Director of the CIA counter-intelligence, and could listen to talks Marilyn and Dorothy. Under the "Moondust" U.S. experts were collecting fallen parts and wreckage of the Soviet satellites. And many ufologists believe that they were attracted to the study of the crashed UFO.

Yet the "report" was a hoax. American UFO researcher Timothy Cooper, repeatedly convicted of forgery, let slip another — more honest — ufologist Robert Collins that he sent a "CIA document" gullible Milo Spirilo. And how could create believable which looked fake, set ufologist Stanton Friedman. Tim used the book of General Albert Wedemeyer, which appeared in 1958. Cooper copied out handwritten notes, signatures, and carried on their "work." In short, the "sensational document", alas, proved bogus. That is, the aliens in the death of Marilyn Monroe, most likely not involved.

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