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If you know your history, then you probably already know, and that when invented the first identification documents with photographs (hereafter — "Passport") at the end of the 19th century, these passports once seemed all normal people no less than the outstanding invention Satan. So The first passports also issued on a voluntary basis.

But not for long. Once a critical mass of "voluntary" passport holders, failure to take these things satanic invention was immediately declared a criminal, and that each slave must be a passport, was know to "sort itself" for all (except, perhaps, only Gypsies and thieves, and with very few exceptions particularly important thinkers working to overthrow the bourgeois society — such ideologues Bolshevism or Islamic fundamentalism).

Averaged a male servant today seems to have a document proving his identity — is supposedly as natural as to hide their genitals under the loincloth, and ostensibly as natural as not to have a knife in his belt and pistol undeservedly called "Licenses." Virtually none of the slaves did not even think about the fact that his grandfather very much doubt whether to adopt elements of the then-Pharaohs (remember that in all the way thug cop "Pharaoh" was called?) These things satanic invention or still abstain. Just as the male slave and does not think that the person is different from a slave, above all, that he had an inalienable right to (of course, unlicensed) gun, and the saber was the subject of a suit is so indispensable man, that her people even went to the dance and in the church.

Almost without thinking, slave male recently agreed with the fact that his passport (or ID-card) must be biometric (female slaves are not even discussed here, because almost all of them by default agree with all this innovation slave) . Moreover, the consent of a male slave to biometric passports without any resistance took place not only in the old bourgeois world, but even in countries that until recently was socialism.

So you can not disagree with the fact that the slave mentality is changing in today very quickly.

Male slave uniquely chipiruyut in the very near future, this decision has been made, do implantable microchips and external systems to interact with them already being produced by industry, and already being carried out treatment in public opinion toward acceptance of chipping.

What was caused by this article?

Yesterday a friend of mine turned me on to this one document:

ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY OF RUSSIA IN 2025, approved by the Minister of Industry and Energy Viktor Khristenko.

The document in the format of Microsoft Word (~ 430 Kb) can be downloaded here hence or hence.

On page 59 of the document contains the following allegations:

The introduction of nanotechnology … should further expand the depth of its penetration into the daily life of the population. It shall be a constant relationship of each individual to the global information and control networks such as Internet.

Nanoelectronics will be integrated with biological objects and provide continuous control over the maintenance of their life, improved quality of life, and thus reduce social expenditures.

Widespread get built-in wireless nanoelectronic devices that provide constant contact with the surrounding human intellectual environment, will become common means of direct wireless contact with the human brain surrounding objects, vehicles, and other people. The circulation of such products to over one billion units per year due to its ubiquity.

The domestic industry has to be ready for the challenge, because …

So how to be chipped slaves? Will the slaves resist?

The answer is simple — to resist the slaves will not.

Slave male — cowardly. Also — no weapons.

A slave-female — so simple to the lantern. She did not just agree to implantation of the microchip, void sumnyashesya, and even vote in elections for those who would argue for the mandatory implantation of microchips in the male slaves, and for the introduction of punitive sanctions against those who disagree.

What will be the probable stages chipping?

I think the ability to assume "belief" slaves quite easily.

First (this is already done) chipiruyut several slaves as an example.
It will be servants, which will be shown and described in the media, and to demonstrate that it is convenient. Slaves themselves will pay for it a lot of money, and they will agree. You can see it in detail in the video below.

Then — to persuade chipped various glamorous characters. Pevichek, athletes, athletes, fashion designers, walking hangers, etc. They will promote in the media. Parallel to this, will be promoted in the media by means of microchips standard advertising.

Then — create pop culture chipping for youth.
Media quickly prove to young people that all the "cool" — chipping and all nechipirovannye — fuckers. Likely to come up with various attractive young pop a microchip implanted system of interaction with different mobile phones, bluetooth, I-pads, etc. Young people quickly and gladly chipiruetsya.

Then — will make a mandatory chipped senior government officials.

Then — make mandatory chipped police and military.
First — those who have access to secrets (supposedly necessary to process tolerances), then — Special Forces (supposedly easier to find if anything), and then — and all the rest.

Then — make chipped all Masons, Masons much more than you can imagine, they did not dare to refuse, because oblige them to do so ", inner discipline." Outwardly, this will take the form of "voluntary" chipping lots of people.

Then — make chipped all responsible officials middle managers. Nechipirovannyh simply will not take on such a service.

Then — make chipped all employees of airlines and shipping companies. And also any immigration, customs, tax and other similar officials.

Then — they prove that all passengers must be chipped for nechipirovannyh passengers artificially create a lot of inconvenience for buying tickets, boarding and other vehicles, customs control, the entrance to the railway stations and airports, etc. Nechipirovannyh slaves would deliberately delay in queues and suspected of involvement in the so-called "Terrorism." This will cause a voluntary chipping (for your own convenience is) a huge number of slaves.

Then — make chipped all newborn children in the law.
This will be explained "concern about their health in terms of ease of care and consideration." I chipped children microchips will include information about the required immunizations. Ie "Punctured" the child and the child will be chipped synonymous. Refuse slaves parents are no longer able to. It will be a criminal offense.

Then — using the same method as above, chipiruyut all students.

And then — students. Nechipirovannyh just will not take to the universities and colleges.

Then — in a decent country no longer let nechipirovannyh slaves visitors from other countries.
This will be decided at the level of immigration laws. More slaves who wish to travel, will have chipped voluntarily.

Parallel to this will involve the factor of "politikorrektnosti"
— That is, nechipirovannomu servant to create a picture of the "incorrect", "unreliable". All large decent companies, banks, offices media simply will not hire nechipirovanny staff, and already existing staff, who by that time had not yet chipiruetsya volunteered for the reasons mentioned above — will make chipped.

Can also enter mandatory chipping of persons who had a collision with the law, or serving a sentence, although it is not a fact.
Those criminals that "in terms of" this will, of course, hard to resist, including the struggle to the death, so this step may be neglected. But that those criminals that are on bytovuhe — like those who raped and raised his hand to his wife, his children or spanked on the ass, not to mention the various so-called "Pedophile", child pornography, and the like — chipiruyut clearly mandatory.

Parallel to this, microchips will become not only the status of the identity document slave but also his payment card.
Ie will be very convenient to pay for purchases in stores by simply extending a hand dealer with a scanner (as an option, the seller will use the scanner on a string by reading the information, not only with his hands, and forehead of slaves, as some microchips are implanted under the skin of the forehead ).

At the same time, will create artificial inconvenience in the calculations
slaves who do not have microchips, and on, old-fashioned, use plastic payment cards and cash banknotes. Fewer and fewer points of payment will accept cash cards and bank notes and finally implanted a microchip in it as they replace entirely.

Banks, too, in the end, stop issuing plastic payment cards, and they will wither just as withered away mobile phones were AMPS, when there were phone system GSM.

Of course, in this scenario are the remains of slaves will nechipirovannyh just have chipped to be able to make purchases.

That is, in general, a number of simple steps, by which is achieved almost wholesale chipping of slaves, and almost without much violence — in a quasi-"voluntary" basis.

Author: Dmitri Khalezov

Who will refrain from chipping?

Category: The prophecies and predictions, visions and hypotheses

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