MAZ and KAMAZ combined. Who will win?

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin during yesterday's meeting with Alexander Lukashenko said that a practical solution to combining the assets of the Minsk Automobile Plant and the Russian Kamaz, which is based in Tatarstan. Experts recall that a month ago, the Belarusian leader said that all the talk about the merger of two companies — insynuatsyya.

To comment on the news of the alleged avtaalyans both companies refused. If at MAZ immediately send to the government — say, such issues are not the plant's management, in Naberezhnye Chelny say that something is too early to say. That's what was told in the press service of the KamAZ:

"Yes, I understand your question, but we do not endorse and are not doing at the moment we have no comment. We still have to wait … . "

On the eve of the Prime Minister of Russia stated that the assets of the largest producers of heavy trucks Belarus and Russia will be merged. On what terms — did not elaborate. But a month ago, the Russian side has sounded a possible scenario for such integration. The largest shareholder of KAMAZ, the corporation "Russian Technologies", offered this option: the Russian company will 100 percent the owner of the Minsk Automobile Plant, and the Belarusian authorities will 25 percent stake Kama enterprise.

Valentin Lopan

Experienced Advisor to the General Director of MAZ Valentin Lopan convinced that in any case it is an attempt to neutralize a competitor. According to him, to unite with someone of MAZ in the current situation is not appropriate:

"I think that" Daimler ", their shareholders, in talks with other shareholders on further acquisition of shares, for example, the" Troika Dialog "or" Russian Technologies ", of course, ask them a question: KamAZ, you know that your shares will be more expensive, if not smear? Because historically (and maybe this is the merit of the MAZ), which stands in the way of MAZ Western manufacturers in this market. Thus, the position of its weakening, as it technically slightly below, but they are more or less MAZ considered.

Take, for example, the same MAN, he is well aware of the level of MAZ. Because it was a collaboration together, the joint venture still exists. In addition, the MAZ — the only manufacturer in the CIS, who are "Daimler" can put their engines in production cars. And it also has to be earned. That is, they trust the technical level MAZ professionals. "

Alexander Buhvostov

But the Alexander Buhvostov, who spent a lot of time in the engineering industry, believes that in this tandem will be easier to fight the markets will be more successful competition with foreign manufacturers:

"When I was chairman of the trade union of automobile and agricultural machinery, I was very well acquainted with KAMAZ. And, as I think it is a matter of survival and KamAZ, MAZ and a total of competition with other manufacturers of heavy-duty trucks and tractors.

The point is not that, for example, KAMAZ MAZ or squeeze each other on the Russian market. First of all, Russia is now in almost all multinational corporations build factories — the same "sale", "Mercedes", MAN, other. And they're all looking for markets. The question here is: will strangle MAZ and KAMAZ these companies or not? How to survive? So I start from a purely pragmatic sight, and not from the fact that KAMAZ MAZ destroy or vice versa. I believe that competition MAZ and KAMAZ end the union. And so they opposed themselves to multinational corporations, which are now taking over the market of Russia. "

Alexander Buhvostov complains only of the fact that all the details of the transaction are traditionally kept secret.

Meanwhile, the unity in this matter was not until literally the last time. February 16 the first deputy prime minister of Belarus Vladimir Semashko noted that the proposal of the Russian company "Russian Technologies", which owns 49.9% stake in KAMAZ, the creation of the Russian-Belarusian holding company received approval in principle, the only question in the valuation of assets.

But just three days Alexander Lukashenko said that all the talk about the merger of two companies — the "pure water insynuatsyya." On He said, Belarus did not even launch these issues. What are the arguments found Vladimir Putin, so that in a short time to convince Lukashenko — behind the scenes negotiations.


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